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  1. evomaki

    Toasty's '98 Montero Build

    That is so great. That project would be a wish list type deal for me down the road. I'm just so amazed that you can shoe horn that in there. Gives me hope. With just three jugs running for aft I find the fit a bit snug, and now you're making it fit with 4. Awesome.
  2. evomaki

    Toasty's '98 Montero Build

    Those control arms look pretty slick. That's a 2UZ-FE right? What's the verdict on will it fit?
  3. evomaki

    Is the Montero still available for sale?

    Is the Montero still available for sale?
  4. evomaki

    2000 Montero Endeavor - Build Thread

    Slightly on, but off, topic, what is the purpose of that black steel stamped oil pan part? Inspection cover? Looks like you can't access the oil pump through that. Do I understand right that the regular oil pan will not come out with the front diff still in, even after removing the black...
  5. evomaki

    Midwest Rust Blues

    This needs some more details/part numbers. That nylon line goes all the way back to the fuel tank? What is the size. Tell us about the nylon to existing Montero rigid line connection.
  6. evomaki

    4x4 transfer case removal Gen 2.5

    One more tip, for what it is worth, I'd characterize the last part of the letting down process, for me, as kind of a controlled drop as my cheap transmission jack, with TC strapped to it kind of fell over. The darn thing comes out at such an angle, my jack could not deal with it. I had sort...
  7. evomaki

    4x4 transfer case removal Gen 2.5

    Yes, it can. It is heavy and awkward. I took one out of a parts car not long ago. I've not put one back. Obviously, that can be done too, but that would be even be more of a PITA. If your ultimate need is to remove the transmission, I would try to do the transmission and TC together. I...
  8. evomaki

    Buying Gen1 4dr Montero in 2020 - am I sane or not?

    That's a good question drabina. I'm mostly replying to bump this post. I think most of the folks here have gen 2or 2.5. One member worth hearing from in Irish44j. That guy has an old Raider he is fixing up. I think those pre-date the gen 1's, but he is way more mechanic/fabricator than you...
  9. evomaki

    SAS info and parts thread

    Well, now that you mention. The single biggest X factor to a regular Joe doing a SAS (aside from the money as fun costs money) is the transmission mount cross member support for the front control arms that you made Toasty. That thing is a gem. Frame stiffeners and upgraded shock mounts easy...
  10. evomaki

    Gen1 front hitch w/stock bumper, for $20 or under (how-to)

    Nice. Very tidy. Consider picking up a Porta-band. Cuts through steel like butter. Pretty amazing vs. grinder and reciprocating saws, and surprising how long the blades last cutting mostly mild steel. The work is spread across many hundreds of teeth. My chop saw went to Goodwill.
  11. evomaki

    Parting Out 96SR

    Nothing. It would be free. Glad to see if someone can get some value from it. The condition is pretty far gone. Been sitting around for a long time. The real main items likely of any interest would be the 4.67 geared differentials, locker and air pump. Sure, there are other bits from...
  12. evomaki

    Parting Out 96SR

    Everyone, I am parting out a 96SR. Some of the popular items no longer available are the radiator, rear drive shaft, red ball shifter, and fuel tank. I dropped the TC out of this to practice the swap. I intend to put 3.15 gears in my gen 2.5, which uses the same TC. Removing and replacing...
  13. evomaki

    Gen 2 SR Engine Swap Options

    Here is possibly a dumb idea. Would the SOHC 3.5l variant be more of a direct swap? I see a SOHC long block on Rock Auto for $3,700 after core return? I do not see a long block for a DOHC on Rock Auto. I just have no idea if the DOHC ECU, MAF sensor, exhaust manifold, mounts, etc. would work...
  14. evomaki

    Favorite Mitsu OEM parts online dealer? (and valve lash adjusters).

    That part for OEM is super expensive as you stated. I have a valve lash adjuster recommendation backed by sketchy evidence, which might be better than nothing. I've replaced these on two vehicles with parts labelled "Melling" from Autozone. I've not been impressed. One vehicle tics at idle...
  15. evomaki

    Valve seal replacement, on-engine, 6G74

    Thanks. It's probably the valve stem seals on even the '06. I was hoping to not mess with that one, but I'm just kidding myself. Does the '02 model have the throttle plates which adjust the intake runner length? How did that look on your vehicle? I've heard stories ranging from OK to not...
  16. evomaki

    Valve seal replacement, on-engine, 6G74

    Does that Lisle tool fit in all locations? I thought it might be obstructed toward the driver rear. Also, and not to hijack this thread, my kids 06 burns a quart of oil every 1,400 miles. Anybody know if the valve stem seals were replaced with better parts by 2006? No smoke at start up or...
  17. evomaki

    V5MT1 5MT Transfer Case Options

    I wish you luck getting answers to your questions. Only a handful of people on this message board might have an idea. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. I do have one possibly lame suggestion for one of your questions. Is the transmission the same part number from '95-'96 gen 2 and your...
  18. evomaki

    OBD Scanner Enhancement, Data Logging, Budget

    OK pretty funny. That's low buck engineering that gets the job done.
  19. evomaki

    Time to get serious with my 3.15 gear swap

    About a year ago I bought the 3.15 transfer case gear set from Josh at ADD. Things got busy, I figured getting out the TC would be tough, but at least I'd have the parts. Time to get serious. The more I look, the tougher this looks. This forum has one decent swap post from something like 6...
  20. evomaki

    6G74 Fuel Injector Parts Source?

    Your already way ahead of me there. I just checked the FSM, which I had handy, and it says absolutely nothing about injector flow rates.