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  1. 4000lbsOfGoat

    There and Back Again, a Goats' tale - part 1

    Greetings fellow Overlanderists! While this trip is not really "completed" I don't plan to post too often so I'm posting in Overland Trip Reports... We began this leg of our journey on Aug. 1, 2021 in Bullhead City, AZ. When we set out, the only firm plans we had were an appointment in...
  2. 4000lbsOfGoat

    Scheel-Mann seats in 3rd Gen Tacoma - airbag issues- has anyone done it?

    Greetings fellow Tacoma geeks! I'm considering putting some Scheel-Mann seats in my Taco. I had a chance to talk to a rep at OE West this weekend and he gave me some issues to think about: 1) If I install these seats, I will lose the side-impact airbags in the factory seats. I can probably live...
  3. 4000lbsOfGoat

    How do you manage trash?

    I would like to know how you good folks manage your trash while on the road... I operate out of a Tacoma with a squaredrop camper. So far, I haven't come up with any better solution for trash than a standard trash bag balled up in the bed of the truck. When we're camped, and it isn't too windy...
  4. 4000lbsOfGoat

    Thoughts on flatbed conversions -pros\cons?

    I'm looking for feedback here from current and former owners of flatbed converted pickups. I'll give you a bit of background so you know where I'm coming from here: I've got a 3rd Gen Tacoma with an ARE cap (topper) and a set of Decked drawers. The truck is used, in conjunction with an off-road...
  5. 4000lbsOfGoat

    Looking for paddling suggestions - Moab area

    Greetings, I'll be heading to Moab for the first time in June - not really my first choice for camping but we were invited to join a group with some friends so I can deal with the crowds for a few days. That being said, I'd love to get out to paddle while I'm there. Does anyone have suggestions...
  6. 4000lbsOfGoat

    *EDIT* Free stuff - Missoula, MT area - No longer available

    *EDIT* - These items have all been taken. Thanks! I'm getting ready to relocate and need to get rid of a random assortment of things. If you are interested in any of these items and can pick them up in Missoula, MT prior to May 1 then they are yours for the taking. If I don't get any takers...