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  1. CaptainBuilt

    My first Jeep, a 1983 CJ7!

    My father in law has had this 1983 CJ7 since 1993. The last 7-8 years it's been sitting up. I have been joking all these years saying he should give it to me for Christmas. Well, this year, he did. I am a proud owner of a free 1983 Jeep CJ7. I work on a boat, and I was not in town for the...
  2. CaptainBuilt

    2014 Ford E-350 12ft SRW Box Truck

    My current van is stranded in Pittsburgh, PA. We went on a trip to Niagara Falls / Hudson Valley, and I lost the torque converter climbing the West Virginia mountains. It's currently at a storage unit in Pittsburgh (and for sale). We got a rental cargo van to finish out the trip: I've been...
  3. CaptainBuilt

    2000 Ford E-350 7.3L 6" UJOR Kit - $35k Asheville, NC.

    I'm selling my 2000 Ford E-350 7.3L UJOR 6" 4wd van. Instagram: @BettySueMotovan *At the moment I bought a used t case and replacing it with a new one next week. And it will be 4WD again* 2000 Ford E-350 7.3L diesel, 400k miles. I've had ZERO problems other than accessories giving out. I...
  4. CaptainBuilt

    2021 Ford E-Series Cab/Chassis Camper Attachment?

    I am looking at buying a 2021 Ford E-Series SRW cab chassis and building a overland camper with it. I've seriously thought about buying a SRW 12ft box truck, but it constrains what I wanna build. What would be the best way to attach a camper box to a cab chassis like the E Series? A 3 point...
  5. CaptainBuilt

    Super Single Help.

    I have a 4WD van, and I'm looking to buy either a RAM 5500 or a Ford F-550 for a truck camper. I wanna do a super single conversion. The truck I wanna buy will be a old flatbed or just cab / chassis. I know I can easily convert a F-550 from 2WD to 4WD. But I'm looking to buy already 4WD. I'd...
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    Cargo Rack Generator Carrier Build!

    When I'm traveling in my van for work I boondock most of the time. Last year I used a window mounted A/C unit. Since then, I built out the interior and the bed is right where the window unit would sit and I can't use that setup anymore. So I went ahead and picked up a Dometic Penguin 2...
  8. CaptainBuilt

    Lifting A Cargo Trailer?

    Hey guys, I wanna buy a 5x8 motorcycle trailer with rear ramp. I would like to lift it, probably just by doing an axle flip. Do I need to add shocks? How do I add shocks? Bigger tire / wheel options? Here is the trailer I want: Pulled with this: I won't be offroading with the...
  9. CaptainBuilt

    Help with a F-350.

    I’m basically being given a 2003 F-350 dually. No engine, has transmission. And no bed. It had a 7.3 PSD and its a 4x4 crew cab. I have a 7.3 van now. I’m not afraid of finding a cheap 7.3 and rebuilding the motor and putting it in the truck. Here’s what I’m thinking. Make it a SRW, build...
  10. CaptainBuilt

    Show Us Your Navigation Systems!

    I have a iPad 11 Pro, and just got a RAM Mount holder for it. Looking for a good place to mount it. Would love to see similar setups, or any for that matter!
  11. CaptainBuilt

    E-Scooters. A really good van camping accessory.

    Hey guys, figured I would throw this out there. You know those rental scooters that are popping up everywhere? Like Bird / Lime / Skip / etc...? They will go 20mph and have a pretty good range. Usually around 15 mile range. They're great for ripping to the bathroom at the campground, or...
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    Need help from Florida guys.

    I have a friend who has an emergency vehicle I'm looking at. He got it at auction. It's a 99 E-450, VERY, VERY low miles on a 7.3L and a tall roof. Here's the problem, it has a certificate of destruction title. I've done some research, and can't find what I'm looking for. If I bought it, could...
  14. CaptainBuilt

    iPad Mounts?

    Looking to add a iPad mount some kind of way. I have a mini and the 9.5", In the overland forums, they have plenty of mounts for that stuff, but can't find anything for vans.