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    LR3 Purchase Advice

    Finding that low miles on an ‘05, and for less than $5k sounds difficult, though anything is possible. I second the advice of sticking to later years, though I would further limit it to ‘08-‘09. The air systems can last a long time, you still see ones with original shocks and compressors now...
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    WTB: LR4 Parts / Accessories

    I’m in Seattle. Have an OEM ladder for an LR3, it might fit. Also have a cargo barrier (goes between 2nd and 3rd row/cargo area) taking up space. PM me if interested. There have been some hitch receivers on OfferUp lately for $350-500. I think you can buy OEM new for $500, so keep that in...
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    (SOLD)2006 Land Rover LR3 HSE HD Package

    What was your asking price? Asking as an LR3 HD owner.
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    Presenting Wrench’n Roverin.

    Subscribed. We can never have too many LR DIY channels!
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    Rivian R1T (pickup) vs. R1S (SUV) for "overlanding"

    They’ve started calling customers about delivery last week. Launch has been delayed to July for the truck and it sounds like it will take into early 2022 to fulfill the Launch Edition orders. SUV deliveries still on track for early 2022. Yes, direct to consumer.
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    Earth Roamer-ish, but smaller, cheaper, in Az

    Lol. Bitcoin was at $60k in late April when this ad was made but closed at $38k today, wonder if 1 will still buy it…
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    2006 LR3 SE with HD - Portland, OR

    Looks like a fully loaded SE trim LR3 with good maintenance. Climate package, rear heated seats, Off-road Nav, Rear Locking Diff, etc. 148k miles $10,000
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    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

    I’m not so sure. I have a shell on my pickup bed to keep tools dry and locked, it’s great —until I need to haul something oversized. Taking that top off by myself and then storing it sucks. I avoid doing it at all costs. To your point, I wish there was an option for a super cab and 6.5’ bed...
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    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

    I’m not a fan of the screen at this size, though I could probably get used to one about 3” smaller, where the top was even or below the dash edge. I recall hearing the standard screen is 8-9”, so I have hope yet.
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    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

    Charging at home is where the most meaningful savings are. Anyone with time of use pricing can really benefit. I don’t have that available here in Washington state. The DC fast charging at $.43/kWh works out to $4.40 per gallon equivalent (assuming a 20mpg Highway truck). This can get a bit...
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    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

    To underline the point that this really only has appeal for urban travelers, I did some fuel cost comparisons. A few EV blogs are estimating the 300m range model has a 155kW battery. Using DC fast charging prices ($.43/kW from Electrify America and also the stations run by my utility), it...
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    2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

    Put a deposit down for the Lightning. Something I couldn’t bring myself to do with the Cybertruck, R1T, or. R1S. The Rivian vehicles are amazing, but they just don’t fit my use case as well as a full size truck. Going to a 5.5’ bed will be an adjustment, but I made the change to a 6.5’ from an...
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    Vehicle Modding Is Dead In the European Union; Now What?

    This one says vehicles built before 1980 are exempt: The fee is also £12.50 per visit into the very heart of central London, not £650 for a week. Another article referenced a number...
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    Cooler mods: Has anyone done the foam mod?

    This went from OP worried about ruining a $20 cooler (and not having the money to replace it) to buying a $1000 portable fridge. I was really curious to see the result of this cooler modification. I guess I know what I’ll be doing next weekend.
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    Melvill & Moon campaign furniture set in Apex NC

    Gorgeous looking set. Shipping from SA to US is brutal, I contacted M&M about some seat covers for my rig and the shipping added several hundred to the order. I’ve decided to wait until something comes up used, if ever. Good luck with sale.
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    I'm not a gear head... would an LR3 be for me?

    From seeing service records on my LR3 under previous ownership, $2500-3000/yr is a typical average. However, when I look at my service records and this list, most repairs are within the ability of an owner with slight mechanical interest and free weekends. Labor is easily 1/2 to 2/3 of those...
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    Tent advice

    We have a Springbar and neither it nor the Kodiak copy are going to do well without stakes. The ceiling is held up by two poles which would be unstable in winds without staking. Our 10x10 uses 16 stakes for the floor and two more for the awning. Now, once the tent is staked the tent is...
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    Missed out on an LR3, now I have the bug. LR3 vs. LR4

    Many of those features are available in the LR3, though perhaps not to the finish of the 4. My PO retrofitted an RRS heated steering wheel to our LR3, and the vehicle came with rear heated seats, Nav, memory driver seats, power steering wheel from the factory. Some of these are standard, some...
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    Missed out on an LR3, now I have the bug. LR3 vs. LR4

    We went LR3. The more utilitarian interior of the LR3 suited our intentions. Ours has the climate package so we got rear heated seats which was one the few things on our must-have list. The drivetrain is normally aspirated and the 4.4L V8 is fairly robust, so I felt like this was the...
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    Wet Okole seat covers