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    My new candle lanterns

    I tend to prefer the more old style, "Classic Kit" sort of camping gear, so when I was looking for some more camp lighting recently, I bought 4 UCO brass candle lanterns and 4 Bushlite candle lanterns from South Africa. Now that they have all arrived, I greatly prefer my new Bushlites! They're...
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    Antique Roorkhee Chair on ebay

    I just noticed that there is an antique, authentic Roorkhee Chair listed on eBay. I have nothing to do with this auction, but I have bought 3 of these chairs from this vendor a few years ago and got along great with them and the seller is a good seller...
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    Trailer Build, Fender Placement Question

    Hi, I just about have my trailer complete. About the only thing left to do now is to attach the fenders and since they are curvilinear, made from aluminum and are somewhat over sized, I think that I can probably trim them somewhat to make them a good custom fit. So, my question is, are there...
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    WTB Bridgestone Dueler M/T 235 75R15 Tires

    I'd like to buy 2, 3 or 4 of the Bridgestone Dueler M/T 235 75R15 tires for my camping trailer, to match the set I have on my vehicle. The set I have only has about 25,000 miles on it and still has lots of tread left, but since this particular tire has been discontinued for a few years, I can't...
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    Torsion Axle for camping trailer

    Are there any circumstances where a new, light weight, camping trailer build might include a torsion axle rather than a traditional axle with leaf springs? My particular use of this trailer is for fairly modest use in fairly simple environments, extremely limited off roading and no rock...
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    Basic Design Aspects of Trailer

    Hi, I'm fairly new in here and have been reading, looking and learning for a year now, primarily about trailers. Now, I think I'm about ready to make a trailer happen, one way or the other. I will probably build or commission portions of the trailer as my needs simply cannot justify and I...