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    Question to those running the same vehicle wheels on your trailer..

    I have matching Jeep Hard Rock rims and BF Goodrich MT tires on my Jeep and my trailer, including trailer spare, just because I want to. Why not?????
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    trailer frame: what did you forget?

    One item that I wish that I had done differently is to have the tongue tube run from the front hitch, completely through the entire length of my trailer frame (like a spine) and then terminate at the rear of the trailer with a receiver hitch receptacle. In my mind, I would then have that main...
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    This is a really nice looking build. I admire both your design and your fabrication!
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    The shorter table in the first picture is the Voyager Table from Blue Ridge Chair Works ( The larger, Roll Top Camp Table is from Byer of Maine, but has not been made for several years. The canvas covered, roll top, UK Folding Camp...
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    M416 Build Up

    WOW, Nice job! There must be more than 1,000 M416 trailer build threads in here, yet you came up with an original solution that I don't remember seeing in here before. In the movie, "Find Forrester", Sean Connery says, "Well, you've taken something which was mine... ...and made it yours...
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    Shower Thoughts.............?

    It's my understanding that some African tent safari camps use a shower tent and a bucket with a nozzle. One brand that I've found is the Tarpo Company. I do not have one, but have been thinking about building or buying something of the sort. Pretty old school and simple.
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    Military trailer overland budget build

    Congratulations! That's a great looking trailer, have a blast with it.
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    Jeeper, congratulations! That's just exceptionally well done!!!
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    Finally got the 416 I purchased home.

    Nice buy. Good luck with it! I wish I could find one like that.
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    Lets talk about camp lights

    Here is a newer link to the Bushlite candle lantern site: And here is a picture of my Bushlite lanterns with my UCO lanterns for comparison.
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    Lets talk about camp lights

    I started a thread in here a few years back about my favorite camp lighting, the Bushlite candle lantern from South Africa. It is still my favorite!
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    Shower/privacy/potty tent solutions?

    I bought a really cool Oztrail green canvas shower bucket with brass rose at the Overland Expo a couple years ago and would like to get a bathroom tent that is designed to support this sort of device, but have not found one yet. Any suggestions for that type of bathroom tent? Obviously, there...
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    Off-road coupler play, fix?

    I went with the Stow-Away clamp on my receiver hitch insert and it completely solved my problem. I recommend it completely!
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    My new candle lanterns

    Thank you for the update!
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    DIY Expo Trailer Builders Q&A Thread

    I have one other thing I'd like to mention about the height of the sides and top of your trailer. I do not have an RTT on my trailer and I wanted to be able to see out my inside rear view mirror over the top of my trailer and I can. It's not any big deal and obviously I can also just use my...
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    DIY Expo Trailer Builders Q&A Thread

    I used these same Jeep Rubicon - Hard Rock wheels on my home made trailer a couple years ago. After I bought my axle and mounted it and got ready to mount my new wheels, I discovered that the wheels have a very deep offset. I had to order aluminum spacers so that the wheels could bolt on to...
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    My new candle lanterns

    Congrats jerdog53 on your new purchase! Glad you like your Bushlite. I think this brass lantern really is a thing of beauty. Good luck with it.
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    Feedback on Trailer Propane Tank Sizing

    I have a 5 pound propane tank for my trailer and I mount it in a large fire extinguisher mounting bracket. It works fine for me. Also, the fire extinguisher bracket was fairly reasonably price, if I recall.
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    My new candle lanterns

    I'm still loving mine! There was a really bad ice storm here at the ranch last week and the REA was out for a day and a half. I used my Bushlites that evening and was really impressed by how much light they provided. I also had fun using them in my tent at the Overland Expo this year. Last...