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    A little Disco help

    97 Discovery SD 160000 miles new head gaskets at 153000,temp gauge will go to hot and then drop back down. Changed out both temp sensors and the thermostat just got back from test drive gauge went to hot and stayed there. I got home and with the engine running shut off the head lights and the...
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    97 Disco hard start

    I have a 97 discovery that is very hard starting when cold. It does not seem to be getting any fuel. If I dump some in the intake vacuum port I can get it started and it runs fine. Fuel pump? injectors? fuel pressure regulator? Any input would be helpful. Thanks! Eric
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    For sale:NWP D-I Roof Rack

    I have a North West Products Roof rack for a Land Rover Disco I for sale. Rack is in great condition, hardware up graded to SS. I olso have an factory brush guard that has been LineXed. I will try to post pics. later. Rack-$600.00 Brush Guard-$200.00