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    2010 LR4 HSE For Sale

    Sorry, never fixed the typo in my sig..... It's a 2010
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    2010 LR4 HSE For Sale

    Ok, been paying two payments for far too long now. I've had lots of interest, but everybody flaked out before even coming to see it. So, I need to drop the price to make this one move along. Mileage hasn't changed much at all and I just put new rear brakes on it. 18k will buy it.
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    Disco 2 - first 6 months update

    Sounds about par for the course given the year and mileage. Being able to do nearly all of your own work will certainly keep costs down as she ages.
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    2010 LR4 HSE For Sale

    Price drop to 20k. Making two car payments suck.
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    2010 LR4 HSE For Sale

    Sure, the VIN# is SALAG2D4XAA526245
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    LR3/LR4: How to find the coveted rear locking diff

    I know how you can get mine!
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    2010 LR4 HSE For Sale

    My girlfriend is pretty damn good. While the LR can be replaced, I'm not so sure she can as easily.
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    2010 LR4 HSE For Sale

    Sorry, it's in Southern New Jersey. I'm lowering the price to 21k firm. We have yet another car in our driveway (my oops) so this one needs to go soon.
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    Newfoundland 2016 - Just the tip...of the iceberg

    Nice that area. Hey, the picture I have of my girlfriend seems eerily similar. If I could just put my finger on what it is....
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    2010 LR4 HSE For Sale

    Unfortunately, no I do not.
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    2010 LR4 HSE For Sale

    Not really interested in trades. Trying to cut down on the cars I own...thanks though!
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    2010 LR4 HSE For Sale

    2010 LR4 HSE for sale: Buckingham Blue with 90k miles. Has the HD package (full size spare, locking rear diff). Oil change and air filters done within the last 500 miles. It is loaded with nearly everything you can imagine: DVD player, two sunroofs, etc. etc. Everything works as it should and it...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Ha ha, no she was just mid-licking after drinking some water. After I posted it I noticed that it appeared that way too. She's a sweetheart.
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    Discovery II Questions

    The D2s are not that complicated. Yes the air ride is problematic at times so look for one that has had it removed and converted to springs. D2s from 2000-2002 do not have the locking center diff control in the cabin like the D1s , but you can add that with a little work. Both D1s and IIs leak...
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    My new to me Disco II

    The Disco I versions will rust in the rear arches, rockers and cargo area primarily. The Disco II versions rust in those area less, but they will rust in the rear portion of the frame after the axle for sure. Seeing as you are in NJ (as I am) take great care to look for rust in those areas...
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    Question/advice needed from Land Rover guys!

    Pre purchase inspection at either a dealer or an import specific repair facility. Best 100-200 bucks you can spend.
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    My new to me Disco II

    After much looking for a clean RR Classic to no avail I gave up hope and stopped looking for a decent RR. I have had 6 Discos in the past and had decent luck with most of them so I started looking for a clean example of a Disco 1. Living on the East Coast finding a rust free Disco is nearly...
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    1995 Range Rover Classic SWB Lifted $3,500

    I'm assuming the funds came through?