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    great deal on a used low mileage ER
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    1989 BMW Vixen 21 A lift, locker, and some 35s, and you are in business.
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    Budget build on an old Roadtrek

    My previous van was a ‘03 Ford E350 SMB RB50 Q4WD pop top. I decided to replace it with a van that had a fixed top, longer van, and I no longer wanted the RB 50 type set up. I decided to go with the Roadtrek, on the Chevrolet 3500 chassis. I generally only camp in BLM, and just wanted to keep...
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    2006 Sportsmobile 160K miles $175K
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    2014 Earthroamer, 61K miles, $350K Lowest priced 6.7 ER on market today.
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    2008 Earthroamer - 61K Miles - $170,000 6.4 Liter would be a major red flag for me. Has anyone heard of anything that can be done to bulletproof this engine?
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    2008 Tiger Bengal - 120K Miles - $75K Nice, seems kinda pricey for the amount of miles on it, but maybe I am just uninformed.
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    2021 Earthoamer - 1900 miles - $750,000
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    2008 chevy sportsmobile duramax
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    Ford F700 with Lance camper Looks interesting.
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    Real nice ER for sale.
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    2014 E350 SMB $125K
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    Anyone have experience with Boulder Offroad?

    Looking to get some opinions on the Ford straight front axle conversion on a Chevrolet 4 x 4 van conversion. I previously owned a Sportsmobile Ford E 350 4 X 4 Quigely with a 4 inch lift. The ground clearance was fairly adequate for my needs. Sold it cuz I no longer wanted a pop top.. Replaced...
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    2008 Sportsmobile Q 4x4 Another funny ad.
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    Anyone here ever done business with Weldtec?

    I have a '03 Chevy 3500 Roadtrek 190 that I can't even go up a driveway without bottoming out. Well, it's not that bad, but pretty close. I was considering Weldtec's 5" lift. I would have them do the install. I live less than 1/2 hour away, so seems like it would be logistically easy. I...
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    2009 Sportsmobile E350 4 x 4 High top Not really understanding the dual steering stabilizer set up. I know that is pretty standard on Javier/Crow builds though. UJoint leads me to believe, if conversion done right, not needed. Interesting looking vehicle though.
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    Airstream b 190 4 x 4 This vehicle was originally posted on Facebook for $49,999. When I reached out to the seller to ask who did the four-wheel-drive conversion, he just said previous owner. Any guesses? 😂
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    1986 VW Vanagon Syncro
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    2014 Roadtrek 4 x 4

    This has got to be the ugliest winch mount I have ever seen.
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    2012 Sportsmobile $145,000