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  1. latarheel

    Eezi-Awn 1600 FS Phoenix

    Excellent condition with 12 nights total use. Pickup locally $1400
  2. latarheel

    Safety Devices Highlander rack for Land Rover D1

    Excellent condition Highlander Rack for Discovery 1 with good powder coat, no rust and FarmTek chicken coop flooring custom cut and attached with stainless zip ties. Flooring provides sturdy walking platform for cargo carry and storage. All stainless gutter mount hardware included...
  3. latarheel

    Foxwing awning attachment

    Has anyone mounted a 270 degree foxwing to a safety devices rack on a Land Rover ? I’m struggling with suitable brackets Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. latarheel

    Discontinued Parts

    anyone have any recommendations for finding AWR3287, a foam insulation piece found underneath the console for a D1 manual gearbox? Mine is missing and the usual sources (Rovers North) say it is discontinued. If I had a remnant from an old one as a template, I could fashion one out of heat...