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  1. shays4me

    Fridge with Built in Battery

    I swear I seen a fridge in the recent past that was being produced with a battery that was built in. I believe it was a three day capable battery that was a lithium ion and charged with 110vac or 12vdc. Is anyone aware of who makes it? It sounds like a much better plan than adding a dual battery...
  2. shays4me

    Jeep JKU Camper for Four

    I was thinking about doing a build thread of my latest project but I figured it would be easier to do a youtube video. Boy was I wrong! What was supposed to be one, turned into two and took me all day to shoot and edit, and three days to upload with my poor internet (think telegraph). If you...
  3. shays4me

    JKU Old Man Emu Lift specs

    I just installed my Old Man Emu springs today on my 18 JKURR. I wanted to give a detailed account of how much lift was achieved and the springs that that were used. My JKU is stock other than a Warn M8000 winch with synthetic rope on a bulldog plate in the factory steel bumper. I've also added a...
  4. shays4me

    Gobi Rack Rant

    I'm a little irritated by Gobi Rack and it's enough of an issue I thought I'd post it here so others don't fall in the same pit that I'm currently in. I ordered a roof rack for my current JK a month ago after checking out the installation instructions Gobi had posted on their page. Everything on...
  5. shays4me

    Camper Tie Downs

    So after much groveling and tears, I traded off my beloved Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon last week. I needed one more seat than the Jeep offered and I knew that I wanted a pop up camper in the future, so I bought a Ram 2500 Cummins diesel. I hadn't planned to buy a camper so soon, but last...
  6. shays4me

    13 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

    I have a really nice one owner (me) Commando Green 2013 Jeep JKUR Unlimited Rubicon with 30,000 miles for sale. This Jeep is nicely appointed with plenty of factory options and some good quality aftermarket components as well. I'll try to list everything and I have included the build sheet in...
  7. shays4me

    Track Bar Bracket

    I'm looking for advice from someone who has a similar setup as mine. My JKU has OME 2" suspension in it. It actually came out to 2" total lift over a stock JKU with my bumpers, winch, etc.. So far the lift has been great and I've put about 20,000 miles on it with no complaints. The lift...
  8. shays4me

    What Do You Dislike About Your JK

    I have a few thoughts after owning my JK for a while. Jeep no longer sends me surveys, which they did quite regularly for the first six months, but I feel I could better respond now. So, I thought I would ask other forum JK owners what they would change in the next model of Jeep utility. I'm not...
  9. shays4me

    JK Warn Winch Plate

  10. shays4me

    2013 JK Auto Transmission Trouble

    I haven't posted here much but I'm a daily lurker. I thought I would post about this problem I have to save others some heartburn. First, a few details on me. To say that I'm a Jeep guy is a bit of an understatement. There has been one or more Jeep universals in my driveway all but three years...
  11. shays4me

    Expo Wagon Comparison

    I built a spreadsheet of the specs of three common expo wagons. I can't drive two of the three, so I got all of the usual specs together to compare them. I feel this is an unbiased chart. I do own the JKUR, but they are all three great cars and I hope to someday experience each one. Anyway, I...
  12. shays4me

    OME 2" vs AEV 2.5"

    Anyone out there tried them both? Here's what I'm dealing with. I have a stock 13 JKUR auto 4.10 that I'm very pleased with overall, but I want to add a little under body ground clearance as well as increased load carrying capacity to handle my family, winch, rear bumper/tire carrier and...
  13. shays4me

    LR Defender110 Specs Help!

    Hi, I'm building a spread sheet for comparison of three comparable expedition vehicles. This will be an honest assessment of numbers only with (hopefully) no bias either way. The three cars I am comparing are the LR Defender 110, the Jeep JKUR and the Landcruiser series 70 GXL wagon. I have...
  14. shays4me

    Land Cruiser 76 Specs

    Hi, I'm looking around for a few specs on the Australian spec Landcruiser 76 GXL wagon. I've been putting together a spread sheet comparing it with the Jeep JKUR and the LR Defender 110. These are three very comparable expedition vehicles and I want to see how the numbers stack up. It's all...
  15. shays4me

    Who Makes This Rack?

    Does anybody know who makes this roof rack? I was up on Mt Rainier the other day and I spyed this JKU sport with a nice roof rack. I snapped a couple quick pics of it thinking I could find it easily on line, but so far I've had no luck. I'd like top get a good no drill rack for my JKUR and this...