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  1. 86cj

    GM Van Production numbers

    I was thinking about MFG's like Weldtec getting into the GM van market and what the future looks like for the big van. It looks like alot of blank canvas out there if people get the idea in their head, and their van should help... I found that the Wentzville Plant claims 2.5 million vans...
  2. 86cj

    2017 GM vans

    Looks like a new diesel engine option for the big vans.. I am just glad it shows GM is doubling down on the big vans with an investment in the chassis, to bad they don't add some high roof...
  3. 86cj

    GM Van news Old school vans get no respect, GM choosing not to produce vans they could be selling. The writing is on the wall for sure but demand is not the problem the bean counters are, with no...
  4. 86cj

    AWD 1500 Dead ?

    No more 1/2 ton's, GM is ending production very soon according to article I found:.. . NEW! GM PROVIDES PRELIMINARY PRODUCT PLANS FOR EXPRESS/SAVANA 1500 General Motors has verbally notified ARI of preliminary product plans and...
  5. 86cj

    Nice little flashlight: Fenix PD-35

    I just picked up a Fenix PD35 850 lumens flashlight, it is the best light I have had so far. I have been using a Princeton-Tec Rage and a headlight for the last few years, with the obligatory Mag-Light D cell in the truck. . A pretty impressive little light, while very bright it's the multiple...
  6. 86cj

    GMC 1500 AWD Van

    I have been lurking on the 4x4 camper van section off and on for years and would like a GMC 3500 4 door Cargo Van with the Quigley 4x4 option:drool:. Looking at the resale of newer chevy vans the $50,000 Quigley was hard to justify. I would like to give a special thanks to all the AWD 1500...
  7. 86cj

    Fog lights

    I spent some time looking around for Aux lights that would help the terrible low beams in bad weather and not offend oncoming traffic. I was not interested in any new technology and most of my searching seemed to center around HID and LED or cheap plastic Fog lights. I wanted a light with high...
  8. 86cj

    Jeep JJ

    An odd little thing, I thought you might find it interesting. .
  9. 86cj

    Re-gear and 4.0L 42RLE

    My question to all you heavy TJ and LJ Jeeps is: If I select a ratio like 5:38 or 5:13, will the O/D stay engaged with the throttle input needed to cruise 65MPH when heavily loaded and in windy conditions or on grades other than flat (not steep mountains of course). If I have to shift to 3rd or...
  10. 86cj

    New England early fall

    I get alot of motivation from your posts and wanted to contribute what I can to the Portal........:beer: We spent 12 days on the road in mid September and had a great time. The first night we had a real bed as we drove daylight to dark. The fall colors were barely starting down low and pretty...
  11. 86cj

    LJ trans cooler & fan

    I put a B&M #70255 16,000 GVW trans cooler and a 10" Hayden rapid cool pusher fan on the LJ. I was thinking about a fan mounted cooler but the thickness is tight and by researching the issue it seems the radiator could use the fan more than the transmission. I was going to use the round braces...
  12. 86cj

    Camp saw

    I just bought a 21" Sven saw and like the quality feel of it, I have not cut with it yet but do like the small size it folds down to. I have been leaving my bow saw home due to it's size. What are you using for a bow type saw?
  13. 86cj

    Half doors

    I thought it might be a good topic to disscuss since warm weather is coming. Who has them and who does not want them? I just bought a set of half doors on Craigslist complete with soft uppers in like new condition, I need to paint them before I use them. I have never had a set before or ridden...
  14. 86cj

    Stuff on the hood

    I have been thinking about a way to haul firewood only short distances due to a quarantine on moving wood. I have no issue with buying wood locally as they usually have no economy, but do have a good veiw . I do have room for a couple bundles inside the Jeep but the last couple trips the bugs...
  15. 86cj

    LJ rear storage

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the ideas I have had from the Portal. I have been traveling around our country for 20+ years and really look forward to all your different ways of living on the road..I seem to enjoy this lifestyle more than anything else these days…… In 2004 we...
  16. 86cj

    Latest additions

    The navigator gets a handy Buggy bag that comes out easily and a flip up Harley footpeg "That needs to move up and back a bit" I am told.....When I get it "Right" I will weld a nut on the back of the tube...(Harley Dealer has take offs by the box load, mine was free)....... I finally mounted...
  17. 86cj

    Drop down shelf

    I made one of these for my Jeep,it works great on a open door or tailgate... I found this and thought some of you might be interested, it is a good deal...I bought an oil shelf............
  18. 86cj


    I have looked at winches for a few years and always wanted a Warn but could not see parting with that much money, especially with all the new brand cheaper winches. I really was thinking of getting a M8000 but decided to get the XP9500 and was feeling the pain of my puchase decision when my...
  19. 86cj

    Bad influence

    . I can't blame you guys for the Durabak, But the 36" Accuride slides have Expedition Portal written all over them.... I also can't blame you guys for the new Pelican cases I knew about them, But the Kermit chairs.....Portal Guilty again...... I have a perfectly fine stainless coleman cooler...