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    Tex's 200 Series

    Could you share which RAM parts you used for the ball, mine is not as compact as yours, and did you use a rivnut? thanks in advance
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    CAN Bus question

    I did; however, the clip on sensor could not get a strong enough signal so we had to splice into the factory bus wires. It all works as advertised. Nice to be able to link a light bar with the factory hi-beams.
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    CAN Bus help

    Thank you for your response. The idea of using the Switchpros is to leave the stock vehicle wiring alone, so, no splicing, cutting, etc. Yes the inductive sensor wire clamps over a hi and lo CANBUS wire near the ignition. Then, there are multiple 12V, 1 amp output wires from the CANM8...
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    CAN Bus help

    Hi All Am striking out looking for help with my wiring project 2016 Mercedes G550 CAN Bus help Good day all: I am going to install a switch panel that requires three 12V triggers. Ignition, high beams, and side marker lights. Has anyone any experience with...
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    CAN Bus question

    2016 G550 Good day all: I am going to install a switch panel that requires three 12V triggers. Ignition, high beams, and side marker lights. Has anyone any experience with: and if so where would I get the...
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    FS: Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack

    PM sent
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    Big Bend Ranch State Park MLK Weekend January 2017

    Headed to Big Bend Ranch State Park in a month, 311,000 acres of no paved roads. Epic.
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    Cricket Camper Trailers

    and now they have the going into production today. Really neat design and materials. Not affiliated but built in my hometown Houston, TX.
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    Propane tank size?

    Thank you that's great news, thinking about an aluminum Worthington like Kanz recommends.
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    Propane tank size?

    Good Day All: I'm converting from a dual fuel Coleman stove to a Partner Steel propane stove and I'm now working on what propane tank size to get. What size do you propane users like and why? Am thinking about enough capacity for a family of 4 for a week in moderate temperatures. On 'paper'...
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    still available?
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    Best mug for camping Is my latest goto, single handed operation, leak proof.
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    OEM Style Jacks – Input Needed

    I was recently asking about a good jack option for my trailer and this was recommended. looks great and I think I will get one.
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    Changing a flat tire on a Chaser

    thank you, now that is exactly what I'm looking for I appreciate the link, any other thoughts out there? I have their axe multi tool, but this lug wrench looks great
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    Changing a flat tire on a Chaser

    Good day all: I recently took possession of a new Chaser from Adventure Trailers, and I'm putting together the tool kit. My attention is going to changing a flat tire and the associated tools needed. Here's a few ideas and I'm looking for input here. Chaser has 5 spoke Toyota wheels (similar...
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    wheel choices for AT Chaser

    thanks, other than the ability to use the same spare on the trailer and tow rig are there any other reasons to match the wheels and tires? cheers
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    wheel choices for AT Chaser

    Good day all I'm sure this comes up often but searching I did not find what I'm looking for so here goes. I'm close to ordering a Chaser and am doing the analysis on wheel and tire choices. The primary tow vehicle is a 2007 Land Cruiser with factory alloy 18" wheels with some Nitto Terra...
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    who uses a yakima or thule box on top of their landcruiser???

    I don't leave home without mine! Have thousands of miles in my LC's with these on the roofs. Very easy to remove and with sliders easy to fill for me. Family of 4 and a labrador must have rooftop storage secure...
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    common programming freq's for mobile 2m/70cm

    thank you, that is a good idea to program the calling freq's and keep a list of other simplex. Regards 73
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    common programming freq's for mobile 2m/70cm

    Good day all So i am licensed and have an Icom dual bander 2720 for the truck. Now I want to program it (I have the software and cable) and I am looking for any advise for frequencies that are common for USA that folks like to have in their memory list. I'm not looking for repeater info...