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  1. tacksman

    My new to me Bronco expo ride

    This is going to be a long slow project. I think its a great starting point. Been in the family since new in 78. Would love to do a cummins swap.
  2. tacksman

    First we go

    Well, after many years of lurking we've decided to take the plunge. This is what $500 bucks got us. We are starting with a used trailer, i'm told an old 4x4 body (any info would be cool). I'll be towing this with a Subaru Outback so it will stay on the light side. Any info or ideas are always...
  3. tacksman

    tent trailer spring over conversion

    Hello, Has anyone ever done a spring over axle on a tent trailer? I would like the added ground clearance, It's a 1986 Coleman Sun Valley. The trailer fully loaded is maybe 3500lbs. The trailer has no brakes. Any opinions or ideas are greatly appreciated.:beer: Brian