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  1. bozwell13

    2012 Wheeled Coach Ambulance Tall Box off 2012 Duramax Single Cab

    Looking for a massive aluminum heavy duty overland box for your truck? Nicest box I have had yet, I can stand straight up in it so its tall, like 6.2 inside. Some outside emergency lights removed. Located in Farmington NM/Durango CO. I Have huge forklifts for loading. $4000 firm.
  2. bozwell13

    Dad, what's a back country beater? What will your kiddos remember later in life?

    We get so caught up in our toys, we forget they actually are just that, toys. So, last year cost a lot, wife and I separated, lost my little brother, lost 70% of my income, lost my dog, lost my best friend of 30+ years and then the IRS dropped in, all on a single Dad with 2 little (8/10 yrs old)...
  3. bozwell13

    Pelican Hardigg Military Field Desk Camp Kitchen Chuck Box

    Could be camp kitchen, chuck box, rear drawers in an suv. Outside of case shows a littler wear, dust, scratches. Inside is brand new, includes chair etc. I remember my Dad using the wood version of this for camping when I was a kid. I have 3 of them for sale in Durango Colorado. $400 each
  4. bozwell13

    2009 Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD Canine Unit, Interesting Build Base

    I sell fleet trucks on ebay (bozwell13) have over 1000 100% positive feedback, stellar reputation, really good dude, look me up. I like to re-purpose interesting fleet trucks, am all about vans, short buses, ambulances, fire trucks, anything special built that was crazy expensive and later can...
  5. bozwell13

    1988 Ford CF7000 SWAT Heavy Rescue Truck All Aluminum Body 13K Miles $19KOBO

    I cant believe I would ever say this but this is too much truck for me. This rig would make a very cool unique Overland Camper, lots of clearance, turns super tight with short wheelbase etc. Back in 1988 this was a $150K truck according to the fleet manager I spoke to in NM where I bought it. It...
  6. bozwell13

    Here's something you don't see every day, SWAT Truck Project

    Speaking of post apocalyptic outback overland type rigs. I just bought this 1988 C7000 SWAT van, all aluminum rear body, interior, roof, rear doors, everything is aluminum diamond plate, has a huge onboard Honda gen set. Has 13K orig miles on a Cat diesel, department said they paid $150K for it...
  7. bozwell13

    Side Note on RTTs for Dads

    Just a thought I had a few days ago when my 6 yr old got tired after an all night sleep over. She asked me to set up the RTT where we're building our new house so she could nap. If you have little kids and are on the fence about or close to buying an RTT, this is for you. Do it, do it, do it...
  8. bozwell13

    Big Tuffy Tactical Drawer

    Big Tuffy tactical drawers. Perfect for under bed Platforms in Vans, in back of SUVs Trucks Etc Cost $1400 new. 47 wide 41 long and 16 high. These units are used, ex law enforcement gear drawers, wide open inside, no dividers or keys ($18 from Tuffy) in great shape other than some scratches and...
  9. bozwell13

    2001 4X4 Sterling Bullet Utility Truck 78K Miles $43000 OBO

    FOR SALE: 2001 4X4 Sterling Bullet Acterra Utility Truck 78K Miles $43000 OBO Location: Durango Colorado USA Description: I buy and sell oil/gas industry trucks for a living, every now and then I come into something really interesting but this truck trumps all. This is a 2001 Sterling Bullet...