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  1. M35A2

    WANTED - M416 Wheels

    Looking for one or two original M416 wheels. Destination is central Texas.
  2. M35A2

    Northern Tool 4ft Overland Trailer Build

    Really nice! However, I share the concern posted earlier by someone else that the weak spot is where the uprights attach to the frame rails. I would probably also triangulate the tongue, and move the axle up.
  3. M35A2

    Is it safe?

    No, just leave some room at the top for expansion.
  4. M35A2

    Wolfpack Alpha - 2014 JK Build Thread

    Enjoying this thread!
  5. M35A2

    Pioneer Rack

    Yep! Down to the friction tape on the handles.
  6. M35A2

    Pioneer Rack

    Pioneer Rack kit (MilSurp) with added tools (axe, shovel and mattock) and mounted on rubber isolators from McMaster-Carr.
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    Jeep YJ build

    Try (yes, that is spelled correctly) or
  8. M35A2

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    1990 YJ and M416 trailer on a cross-country trip.
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    M35A2 Deuce and a Half 1970 Kaiser Multifuel

    My 1970 Kaiser M35A2 is up for grabs. It's not perfect but not awful. It's not expensive but not cheap. Hopefully it will be 'just right' for someone. Low miles, perfect multi, super singles, 10 mpg at 53 mph highway, can be driven anywhere, located in Windsor County, VT. Will include many...
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    1991 Suburban 1/2 ton aka StormTrooper

    Just replace all the door and window switches. They are known trouble spots and new replacements are inexpensive.
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    A/C for my Jeep

    Get creative and build a mount for the second compressor. Or buy an electric compressor for OBA. So many technically correct options and here you are talking yourself into a total embarrassment of a hack. Those guys up there responded tongue in cheek - you missed that. It is a total mistake and...
  12. M35A2

    87 Suzuki Samurai

    Nice build. Very late for you as you are long past this step but it might help someone else: The trick to removing the Phillips hinge bolts is to use a sharp, flat blade cold chisel and a hammer. Position the tip of the chisel tangentially to the head of a hinge bolt and at a slight angle...
  13. M35A2

    New to me Disco 1!

    It's a nice clean looking vehicle. Good luck with it! I hope it does not lecktrisical you to death. :) Since it is a diesel, I suppose you could always rip out the factory harnesses and rewire from scratch when the security system and whatnot start acting up.
  14. M35A2

    31" Tires

    I tend to agree with the OP and geezers. No need to go to the biggest possible size just because. It's all balance. What is the use case and design point of the vehicle? Rock bouncer? Snow carver? Mud bogger? Design and equip accordingly. Mall crawler? Show-and-shine aficionado? One-up my...
  15. M35A2

    What should I do with this cool little trailer?

    Coker sells a repro tire that is tall and bias-ply. Nice pie crust. Something like a 7.50 or 8.20 x 15, IIRC. Might be perfect for you.
  16. M35A2

    What should I do with this cool little trailer?

    :) For tires, if what you have are not cracked and have tread, keep them. Bias ply does not matter for this little thang. If you are going to replace tires, select a size with the same overall diameter as you have now, and narrow enough to mount on the rims. Because they look just perfectly...
  17. M35A2

    What should I do with this cool little trailer?

    That little trailer looks good and has a perfect stance behind your Jeep. Leave it be. If you really need a bespoke camping trailer, build or buy another. Swapping the handle and the axe head from George Washington's original hatchet gets you -- less than you started with.
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    What should I do with this cool little trailer?

    Needs dog dish hub caps. Otherwise, leave it be. Anything you add reduces payload and space. Make a small flat tire repair kit: tools, plugs, a valve stem, bottle of slime, can of flat fix, a small 12v compressor. Or buy a trailer spare tire mounting bracket from Amazon. Keep the tires no...
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    Hey Vortec Guys! / Sierra pickup / Suburban / Yukon etc - Finally has Index!

    The above is very helpful - thanks for posting. Is there a reason one cannot simply destroy the old plastic T fitting to simplify its removal?