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  1. Lucky j

    Is this an other off road /expedition trailer brake question?

    Hello to all who likes off road /expedition trailers. After making a search on EP about a general tread about trailer brakes, I only found topics about either brakes issues or specific trailers and theire brake system. My question is more for my up coming expedition / off road traile project...
  2. Lucky j

    Canadian m101 for sale

    Not related, but though I had to post here! So in my mind, this is what a canadian m101 should sale for. And it is canadian $$ Or just a tad more. Anything esle is just exploitation!
  3. Lucky j

    Canadian military traile

    Saw this in the quebec city area. 1100,00$ canadian so around 750,00$ us
  4. Lucky j

    Question about using an RTT on campground

    Ok, should have tought about asking this here sooner, but I guess it slipped out of my mind. I have own an ARB RTT for about 4 years now. Sometimes on my off road trailer, sometimes on my suv. But my question is, what do you tell the clerk when you stop at a campground when they ask you what...
  5. Lucky j

    Autohome columbus

    Ok, so it's way up theire in the north east but it could be a good reason to explore a nice region of eastern canada. So I'm posting this for a good friend /neighbor So, they have decided to sell their Autohome Columbus tent Model Columbus Variant Size Medium Lenght regular inclued...
  6. Lucky j

    Canadian military trailers

    I know that some of you guys are often looking for Canadien military trailers. But I do not know how easy it can be for the US explorers to buy them from the USA. So, here is the link Happy trails.