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    Lets see some full size pictures...

    Since this forum's title is "Domestic: Full Size", I hope that a photo of my E450-based 24 ft. Class C camped off a 4X4 road in Death Valley qualifies to be posted. We take it carefully offroad when and if needed. We carry along such gear as a double-lift hydraulic jack, a full size shovel, a...
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    Flooded vs, AGM vs Li comparison - interesting but not objective I think

    Well ... at least this lithium "Group XX size" battery sure isn't only 4 or 6 cells ... and probably a lot of their lithium competition, as used in RVs, is built the same way (i.e. IMHO way too many little cells soldered together to be mechanically reliable in the long run)...
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    Flooded vs, AGM vs Li comparison - interesting but not objective I think

    I quit using FLA batteries years ago in my offroad 4X4 PU, our motorhome, our home backup generator, and our garden sprayer ... got tired of corroded terminals, constantly checking their water, and having to stock distilled water in my shop. I rejected use of Lifeline AGMs in our motorhome...
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    Flooded vs, AGM vs Li comparison - interesting but not objective I think

    Well John ... what do think of these true deep cycle AGM batteries at over $300 each and over 72 lbs. each:
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    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    As gregmchugh's post above implies, good AGM batteries can be brought up to 80% - 90% state of charge during a (14.xx volt) bulk charging phase. From what I have read, this bulk phase for AGM batteries can complete in a pretty short time if one has a charger that can deliver high currents...
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    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    One of the Lithium battery advantages claimed by many is their fast charging capability. That's probably due to their low internal resistance. Well, AGM batteries also have low internal resistance and hence can be charged much faster than liquid acid batteries. One of the top AGM battery...
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    How is your van altered for offroading?

    I do not understand the anti-dually sentiment expressed in so many of the offroad forums. :unsure: It seems as if: 1. Duallies give you "tire redundancy" ... if one tire of a set goes flat, you still have three more tires in the rear to keep you going for a bit. I had this happen to me once...
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    Making a B+ or C Class more capable.

    Yes, we bought our 2005 new ... after looking for a long time to find just the right small Class C that happened to be built on an E450 cutaway chassis - instead of the E350 cutaway chassis usually used for small motorhomes. Note above in my post #92 that I've had to correct my post -> back in...
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    Making a B+ or C Class more capable.

    For the 2005 model year of our Class C's E450 cutaway van chassis it differed from the E350 cutaway chassis at least as follows: - Front and rear torsion bars. (E350 had only a rear one). - Larger diameter drive shaft, hence less chance for any drive shaft vibration under load. - Larger...
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    Making a B+ or C Class more capable.

    Yep ... the Tiger chassis mounted truck camper ("Class C"?) RV is one of my dream RVs to boondock camp with anywhere, anytime, in North America. Since I'm probably past the dreaming stage in my life, here's our E450 24 ft. Class C we use instead:
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    Making a B+ or C Class more capable.

    Our awning is just the simple rugged stock manually operated one that Winnebago installed in 2005. Once I learned how to do it, there's nothing to putting it up or down quickly. It's very strongly supported via it's triangular structure when set up. It's two lower legs portion of the triangle...
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    Making a B+ or C Class more capable.

    We have a 24 ft non-slide Class C that we bought new on the Ford E450 chassis, which was overkill because the E350 chassis is spec'd to easily carry our RV's 11,800-12,000 lb. loaded weight. What the E450 chassis gave us is a 4.56 rear differential for decent slow speed crawling, a larger...
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    Switching from Ford E-Series to FC/cabover (like Sportsmobile to Earthcruiser 4x4)?

    Yep ... you're right on with that kind of RV use ... way to go! When myself and the wife were "a bit younger", we built our own camper based on a new Dodge B250 van we bought. We took that offroad a fair amount. What I really would have liked to have had is this: What we now use...
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    Winnebago EKKO

    Well ... cute little complex high-tech rigs may seem great for some folks, but for serious off-highway and offroad camping I'll take something like this in a heartbeat over the EKKO :cool:: Below is us in our 24ft Class C camping off a 4X4 road in Death Valley. We go off-highway whenever our...
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    Expedition Vehicle selection thoughts?

    I'd pick a new one-ton SWR Ford/Chevy/Ram 4X4 PU truck model and have these guys build one of their heavily optioned coachs onto it's frame after they remove the stock bed:
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    Expedition Vehicles: ridiculously overpriced or not

    This is about enough "expedition vehicle" for me at around $175K new, with options, to nicely explore at least North and South America:
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    What makes a Unicat worth more than a Earth Roamer?

    The "perfect" expedition vehicle would be one that never breaks or declines in performance. The "best" expedition vehicle would be the one that is easiest to repair anywhere anytime whenever it does break or decline in performance. Also, K.I.S.S. is usually the best approach to use when...
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    Pressurize a camper

    Establishing and maintaining a small amount of pressure on the inside of most RV's - whether towed or self powered - need not be rocket science. We have a good old Winnebago built Itasca 24 foot Class C motorhome based on an overkill E450 chassis that we occasionally take off-highway in the...
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    2003 Cruiser 4x4 Motorhome

    Why so much lift?? For off-road use the center of gravity should be as low as possible. Just barely enough lift for fender clearance of whatever size tires you want to use is all the lift that should be used. Also, even though the current owner had no choice, an E450 chassis instead of an...
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    EarthRoamer Cost?

    The main problem with Earthroamers used (only) in the U.S. is ... where and when are ya gonna use it to it's fullest? We take our 2WD 24 foot E450 Class C non-slide motorhome with oversize tires out in the middle of nowhere (in dry weather) right here in the good old American West ... no...