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  1. AML

    -SOLD-Kanz Kitchen with Cook Partner stove

    Looking to sell my Kanz Kitchen. This is a great piece of gear. It’s really nice and has a few options. Kanz is no longer selling these so they are getting harder to find. This one has the 22” Cook Partner stove. It has also been modified to be able to drop into a Snow Peak IGT system. It has...
  2. AML

    Sold! - Oztent RV5 tent with accessories

    Continuing with my “moving sale”... Oztent RV5 in great condition Comes with the deluxe front panel, 2 peaked side panels, mesh floor and caravan connector. Total new is $1600. Looking for $1000. Sold! Located in Northern Virginia. Probably would cost too much to ship so probably best to pick...
  3. AML

    Sold- James Baroud RTT Evasion Evolution

    Getting ready to move to a new house which has a garage much smaller than my current one. So I will be posting a bunch of stuff on here for sale. First up is a James Baroud Evasion Evolution roof top tent. Works great. This is the older model and works great. $SOLD! and located in Northern...
  4. AML

    WTB - Decked for Ford F250 1999-2007

    I am in search of a Decked bed drawer system for a Ford F250/ F350 from the years 1999-2007. It is probably a long shot but I thought I would at least attempt it. I am located in Northern Virginia. Thanks
  5. AML

    ArkPaK Battery box

    I recently installed a dual battery in my vehicle so I no longer need this. I was halfway tempted to keep it just to have on hand but I figured someone else can probably use this. That and am need to start clearing out some stuff :) I am not sure what the model of this is. When I got it new...
  6. AML

    Canadian M101 CDN2 camping trailer

    Ok, I figured I would start a build thread on my camping trailer. I am going at a slow pace but enjoying it as I go. Wish I could afford to buy one already outfitted the way I want it. But it is about the journey right? So here it goes... 1992 Canadian M101 CDN2. Purchased from another forum...
  7. AML

    Spare tire question

    I have a M101 CDN2 trailer that I am installing wheels to match my tow vehicle (same bolt pattern). My original intention was to have the tow vehicle and trailer share one spare. The tires are 33" on the tow vehicle, to include the spare. So my question is I am thinking about only going with 31"...
  8. AML

    Kelty linger high back chair

    Just wondering if anyone has had the chance to try out one of these chairs. I have a couple of the Helinox Sunset chairs but I like how the hub is all aluminum. It isn't much cheaper than the Sunset but I wonder how it compares otherwise. I am starting to collect too much Helinox and Snow...
  9. AML

    WTB Oztent RV-5

    Looking to buy an Oztent RV-5. Probably a long shot since I am in Virginia but I thought I would give it a shot. Extra options like side panels etc are desired as well. Thanks!
  10. AML

    Clam Pavilion Screen tent

    Hey just wanted to share a screen tent that I just picked up. I just recently learned about them from IKK's post. (Thanks). I didn't want to hijack his thread so I thought I would post it up here. If you are not familiar with the Clam products they seem to primarily sell ice fishing huts and...
  11. AML

    Helinox high cot

    Has anyone gotten or tried out the new Helinox high cot? Way expensive, but might be worth it for a great night's sleep.
  12. AML

    Storing and organizing camping equipment

    I have a pretty good collection of camping equipment and I have it for the most part stored on some Costco shelving. The problem is it just doesn't look all that organized. Too many oversized pieces. I am getting ready to tackle it again since it is winter here. I am looking to see if anyone has...
  13. AML

    Camping picture set ups

    Now with the weather turning for a lot of us, I am missing camping. Anyone have general camping photo set ups? I know there is a thread in the overland cooking for kitchen set ups, but this one would be overall. I know it varies from campsite to campsite, so let's see what ya got! Looking...
  14. AML

    Noah's tarp and zip wall poles

    I have an REI gift card and was thinking of picking up the Kelty Noah's tarp 16. I have a couple zipwall poles and was wondering if anyone has successfully used them for car camping? I plan on getting better poles in the future but just wanted to see if anyone has had any success with them. BTW...