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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    My most recent. Wrapping up the cage instal
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    AluCab Defender 130 Expedition Camper- HUGE PRICE DROP!

    A picture looking in through the rear door of the camper would help clarify things I think. The time lapse had a few, it helped envision the interior a bit Really wish I could justify buying a car over there and explore a bit before I bring it home.
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    AluCab Defender 130 Expedition Camper- HUGE PRICE DROP!

    Saw a video of you loading this thing up on Facebook. Showed a few things that weren’t clear in the add. Made it a bit clearer and even better. Should add it to this add.
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    Four Wheel Camper Fleet Shell in Vermont

    Wondering if you still have this for sale? May be interested in it Thanks. Dave
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    1997 Land Rover NAS 90. #2418

    Arles blue 97. Clean NC title California car until I brought it home this spring. 91k on her. No rust in bulkhead. Frame is great. Doors are starting to show some surface rust on the rear corners. A/C, heat, etc all work. No wiper on the rear door. Interior is pretty good. No cracking in any of...
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    Independent LR shop in Austin area? Sam and the team are great!
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    Shocks for Ram 2500 with camper?

    I always put the Thuren fox 2.0’s on my dodges.
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    SOLD: F/S or WTT ARB ZERO 73Qt for Classic II 50Qt - East TN

    I have a pretty much brand new dometic cfx 50w in Asheville
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    06 Powerwagon to be...

    This build is going really slowly, mostly due to my absurd issue with buying old defenders.. But. Started working on the flat bed. Wanted to make it a touch longer, but in some fenders and begin making some front boxes for storage. I also stumbled into a deal on a roofnest tent. Next...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Yeah. It was a rescue....
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

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    2005 Tacoma QCLB

    Been swamped with some family health issues. I’ll get some pics today. Wont be glamour shots. She gets driven, pressure washed and maintained really well, washed for sparkles, less so.
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    SOLD - Roofnest Falcon XL - Indio, CA (SoCal)

    I have the same tent. Solid piece of equipment!
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    06 Powerwagon to be...

    I had a flatbed in my Cummins truck, and really liked the way it worked with the 4 wheel camper, so I began the hunt This truck won’t be getting a camper, so I bought a used aluminum bed I found cheap in marketplace. Something I could mod and not worry too much about. Took some work to get...
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    06 Powerwagon to be...

    I like the dodge trucks, and having owned a built up 05 Cummins truckI really like the size of the 3rd gems. So I began looking to see what was out there Stumbled across an 06 Powerwagon. 103k on it. Dealer maintained had a terrible 4” Rancho lift on it. But generally a near perfect old...
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    06 Powerwagon to be...

    Over the years I’ve built a ton of rigs for traveling and general use. Diesel dodges on 37’s with 4 wheel campers, Tacoma’s or 37’s, land rovers, land cruisers, here’s a few of the rigs currently in possession. It was time to add another full-size rig to the mix
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    SOLD: 8' Awning and Awning Room

    Great seller. Saw the gear this morning. Looks great. Thanks for the tent and fridge!
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    Alu Cab Gen 3 RRT

    I talked to the guy a couple of weeks ago. He’s become reinvigorated and is now using the tent.