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  1. GrantBerry

    Installing a Cruise Control to a 2017 FUSO Canter FGB71

    This weekends little project : Fit a Cruise Control to my 2017 FGB71. Took about 2 hours (I like to tackle wiring carefully!) Works brilliantly. Best $725 spent on the vehicle ! Model is Autostrada, and is a relatively simple plug-n-play and three solder-taps. I opted for the "wireless"...
  2. GrantBerry

    Winch mount - Dis/Connect Front or Rear project

    G'day from Qld, Australia; I thought I'd share my little winch-mount project with you all. Vehicle is a Mistubishi FUSO Canter FGB71 , but you could do this on ANY vehicle. Photos show ONE winch, which can be dis/connected front or rear. (because an engineered cradle was cheaper than a 2nd...
  3. GrantBerry

    Spare wheel winch/lift/crane -ideas, please?

    Hi all; I'm a newbie - just bought a 2017 Canter FGB71 - will be using it for touring. Very lucky find, it even has a 400L fuel tank on the tray ,with plenty space still for my slide-on camper, which is an innovan [ for ref ] . My spare...