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  1. shays4me

    JK/JL Jeep Camper Concept

    I like it! If you can keep it under 6klb so you don't need to highly modify the drivetrain, chassis, suspension, brakes and axles it would be great. Otherwise it would be a 3/4 ton truck that looks like a Jeep. I saw a two door pickup conversion that was based on a JKU and it reminded me a lot...
  2. shays4me

    Tire Poke

    He was tired of throwing mud all over the side of his Jeep going up the driveway. At least I am. 5.2" of backspace isn't enough for me. I'm looking at puting some factory Gladiator rims on my JKU now so the tires will tuck a little further under the fender.
  3. shays4me

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    So it has been confirmed that the hinge assembly is the same between the models of Jeep tops. Thanks dmulk!
  4. shays4me

    Quality JLU bumpers and lifts

    I like the oem stamped steel bumpers myself, but if I had to buy an aftermarket it would be a Warn or AEV bumper. I've owned a couple AEV rear bumpers for JK Wranglers and they've been great. Be careful to stay away from the heavier bumpers. I had an ARB bull bar on my first JKU and it was like...
  5. shays4me

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    No, the distance front to rear of the holes in the bottom bracket. These are the holes that the upright assembly attaches to.
  6. shays4me

    Yeah! Tire size questions once more!

    Me too! It's a great site for researching tires.
  7. shays4me

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    That's a very nice JLU! Thanks for posting the pic. The next time you have it open would you measure the space between the bolts for me on the bottom bracket? I would be in your debt forever and always think pleasant thoughts of you, lol! I do but I don't want to share them yet. Still...
  8. shays4me

    Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

    While it isn't made for the Wrangler, this gent built a nice setup on his JKU! I am planning on doing something similar to this in the spring depending on some life changes that may be...
  9. shays4me

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    Can anyone tell me if the hinge mechanism on the new JLU top is the same as the JKU series? I made the plunge tonight and ordered enough materials to build 26 sets. I don't think my wife will be very happy when she sees the CC bill, LOL!
  10. shays4me

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    I never, ever, ever should have sold this Jeep! FAVORITE. JEEP. EVER.
  11. shays4me

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

  12. shays4me

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

  13. shays4me

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    I guess I'd better get busy and collect some materials then! I'll update on this thread when I've got everything ready.
  14. shays4me

    Rear Bumper Recommendations?

    I have the AEV bumper and tire carrier. Their setup utilizes the factory hitch which was fine by me. The bumper has good recovery points, hi lift jacking points and holds four gallons of water. The tire carrier opens with the tailgate which makes rear entry when grocery shopping a ton easier! It...
  15. shays4me

    Yeah! Tire size questions once more!

    I know that the 285/70r17 will work on a stock JKU with the stock rim. That's the size that Casey at Coyote Works is/was running on his Jeep before the lift. I've got 285/75 R17 KO2 tires on mine and I don't believe that they'd fit without a slight lift. They're 33.25" tall and I'm running OME...
  16. shays4me

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    I have designed and built a prototype shield for keeping the tent material out of the hinge mechanism in my J30. I'm testing it now. I am wondering if there would be any interest in the Ursa Minor community for a product like this?
  17. shays4me

    Ursa Minor Pop-Top Jeep JK

    My aunt and mom made me the slip covers from sheets. I wish I had the skills but they were awesome to help me out! I hate sleeping bags in general so I use these with a top sheet and a comforter. It’s more comfortable than my bed at home!
  18. shays4me

    Restored Warn winch- Before and After

    I've always ran the Warn USA made lines on my Jeeps. My first Warn winch was a Bellview model 5687 that I got with my used. I had to replace some bushings to get it going but it was a great winch! Then I bought an m6000 and traded it to a coworker for an old 8274. That winch needed work but...
  19. shays4me

    Minimum Equipment List JKU

    I have a snap-on version of that same test light and thought that it was the cats meow when I got it years and years ago, but after 20 years working as a control electrician I'm sold on an old school test light. I've ran across many electricians in my field trying to troubleshoot with a meter...
  20. shays4me

    Front Runner Wolf Packs

    Great point! I store it in the Jeep when traveling, sleeping and not at camp to keep the critters out of the food. It would be useless on a roof rack, and thats where the front runner wolf pack/ South African ammo cans make sense.