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    Southern California dispersed camping suggestions

    Anzo-Borrogo. I lived in Escondido for a few years while I was stationed at Naval Base SD and I camped there many nights to get away from the city. Some great trails in that area too. Don't forget to stop for one of "Mom's" Apple Pies on your way there. I actually have a book that lists all the...
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    Ambulance batteries

    I wanted to get mine in quick so I grab a tape measure and ran to Autozone. I bought the 2 largest deep cycle batteries that would fit in the house battery tray. I think they are 950CCA. When I have them switched on and turn the engine over to start, the starter sounds almost like a turbine it...
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    Pics of your Ambulance. Post Up!

    Ya, I found that thread and posted the info in it too. I believe the Sleep Well Arctic 1000 is the same as the Oblo as far as output and power requirements, but it isn't a roof mounted system. I believe it's 3 separate pieces, The Power Pack, heat exchanger and condenser are all mounted...
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    WTB Ambulance - Converted or not

    Ya, I realized after reading their site a little more that the price difference in my quote was probably engine/tranny related items.
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    WTB Ambulance - Converted or not

    Here is their website. I had them give me a quote last year. I don't remember the actual quote, but the kits are under 4x4 parts tab. The kits are for regular vans. Your ambulance will be a little more because the standard springs won't work in the heavier...
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    Finally a real 12v air conditioner? - Indel Sleeping Well Cube

    Have you Guys looked into the Sleep Well Systems? The are no idle semi truck systems. They run on D/C, but they actually come with their own battery pack that includes a protection system for your vehicle batteries. They claim to provide up to 10 hours of cooling on the battery pack and the...
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    Pics of your Ambulance. Post Up!

    This is one of the systems I like the most. I haven't looked into pricing yet, but if my math is right the Sleeping Well Oblo will have a max draw of 348W and a minimum of 180W. Three decent sided solar panels can handle that with a little to spare.
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    Pics of your Ambulance. Post Up!

    Well, Not much happened in the last 10 months, really. I noticed after getting it home and doing through it, that there were no house batteries and now inverter/charger. I added a Harbor freight power converter and two car batteries for now. I had to remove the light bar and black out all the...
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    Glad to see they are planning on resuming their journey.
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    Smittybilt Awning for Sale $150 OBO, Local Pick up Philadelphia, PA

    I'm interested if it is still available. I'm in Dover, De. I could pick it up this weekend.
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    Ambulance Camper/ Expedition Rig Conversion FAQ

    Are there any sources for offroad rear bumpers for ambulances, or are we stuck having to get them custom made?
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    Mission Dawn Patrol

    What part of San Diego you going to be operating out of? I did 4 years there, retired from the military. I lived in Escondido and worked at the Navy Base in Downtown San Diego. There's a lot of good trails in the area. Anzio Borrego is some good off road and camping there.
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    Engine light question

    Tried clearing, didn't change anything (though if it's wrong type of reader, it probably won't do the reset either.) batteries new. Guess I'll swing by auto store and see if they have a better reader.
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    Engine light question

    Just picked up a 2000 E-350 7.3l diesel. It has a check engine light. Hooked up the OBDII reader, but it shows no codes. Any idea what could be going on?
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    Pics of your Ambulance. Post Up!

    We picked up a 2000 7.3l diesel mini-modd today. More pictures and long-term build thread coming soon.
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Just picked up our Mini-modd tonight. It's a 2000 with the 7.3 Diesel.
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    2003 Ford E-350 Quigley 4x4 GAS V10 - $8.8K - WA

    Hell, the parts are nearly worth the asking price.
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    Volvo forward control/laplander near boise id

    Nice Find!! Gas powered though. But comes with a trailer and a plow.....
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    WTB 80's/90"s Mercedes 4x4 207,208,209,309,409,609,809 Fully Outfitted or Bare

    Have you seen this ad? It's a Ford Diesel 4X4 Van and its in your range. You'll have to meet them somewhere, but sounds like it's perfect for your needs and it's...