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  1. JackW

    Vintage Garmin GPS II+ (working) and GPS III+ (victim of battery corrosion in terminals - maybe fixable) and mount for sale - $25

    I'm cleaning out my basement and found a box of old GPS units that I've collected over the years - thought maybe somebody might enjoy these. I really don't want to just toss these especially since one of them is in working condition. I've got a pair of the old Garmin GPS II+ and GPS III+ that...
  2. JackW

    SOLD - Garmin Monterra GPS with powered Ram mount for sale - $200

    Very lightly used Garmin Monterra with the powered cradle and 1" ball RAM Mount for sale in Roswell, GA. I used it in my Land Rover Defender for a few trips exploring north Georgia. Asking $200 for the whole thing - I've gone to a Samsung tablet running GAIA because - bifocals.... plus Garmin...
  3. JackW

    Maggiolina Adventure hard shell roof tent for sale - Roswell, GA

    Since I've jumped in on Chad's Kickstarter campaign to purchase a new Terrapod roof tent I guess I'll need to sell my trusty Maggiolina Adventure roof tent that I bought back in 2010. Its been a great tent, warm, dry and comfortable but the new Terrapod Solo that I have on order (my wife would...
  4. JackW

    2007 LAND ROVER LR3 HSE - $9500

    2007 LAND ROVER LR3 HSE - $8500 White with black leather interior, 139,000 miles, seven seat, all-wheel drive SUV It has the factory tow hitch, heated seats, tinted windows ,navigation, both carpet and rubber floor mats, load space cover, low range with Hill Descent control and 18” alloy...
  5. JackW

    Uwharrie Safari 2017

    Default Pics from Uwharrie Safari 2017 The CROC annual Spring event at the Uwharrie National Forest was held this past weekend April 6-9 and it was a lot of fun as usual. Here are the pics: note: fixed link
  6. JackW

    FS 1989 Eriba Puck travle triailer

    Eriba Puck Price: $7900 I'm selling my 1989 Eriba Puck travel trailer since I also own a 1988 Eriba Triton and the wife doesn't really think we need two trailers. The Puck is a very late model (1989) and is the newest one I'm aware of in the country. I'm basically the second owner – it...
  7. JackW

    Not exactly an Expedition trailer - but a handy base camp - 13' fiberglass camper

    I'm selling my fiberglass U-Haul trailer because I finally found a trailer that I've been looking for for four years. the U-Haul is in great shape and has new side windows and LED Tail Lights. I'm installing a new vinyl plank floor over a 1/4" Hardi-board mold proof base layer this week. This...
  8. JackW

    Eriba Puck - lightweight travel trailer

    I've been searching for an Eriba Puck to eventually do something like this with: Today I acquired a 1989 Puck that is in very nice shape: It's about 12' long and weighs around 700 lbs. - Queen size bed, sink, stove and A/C with a lot of storage - typical German efficiency. It's like a...
  9. JackW

    Uwharrie Safari April 10-13, 2014

    I'm cross posting from another forum to remind all Land Rover owners about the annual Uwharrie Safari event at Uwharrie National Forest about an hour east of Charlotte - April 10-13 Its getting to be that time again. The 2014 Uwharrie Safari will be held on April 10th -13th in the Uwharrie...
  10. JackW

    30th Annual Atlanta British Motorcar Day - May 11

    The Atlanta area will celebrate the 30th Annual British Motorcar Day on May 11, 2013 in Historic Roswell, Georgia. This will only be the fourth venue in this annual spring celebration of the art of the British motor car. Land Rovers have been part of the show since the very first gathering in...
  11. JackW

    Solaros Southern Appalachian Expedition - Sept 16-18

    Land Rover enthusiasts - See the thread below in the regional events forum for details on the Solaros SAE event in Murphy , NC
  12. JackW

    Duece and a quarter expo vehicle

    Buick Electra 225 that is.... Found this old slide from 1974 of the Buick 225 Electra we drove to Panama in 1974 for my Dad’s thirty year high school reunion ( Class of 1944 Balboa High School, Panama Canal Zone) This was in northern Nicaragua in front of a field of the biggest cotton...
  13. JackW

    Solaros - Southern Appalachian Expedition - NOV 5-7

    CXheck the website is up for information on the 2010 Solaros SAE2010 event and Land Rover Rally at: It's only fair that since so many of our group have become regulars at the MAR that some of you "northerners" make the effort to come down to our event. We have some very...
  14. JackW

    Tom Sheppards Expedition Guide

    A friend of mine has listed his mint copy of Tom Sheppards Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide on Ebay here: If I didn't already have my own copy I'd be all over it - its a great book and has been out...
  15. JackW

    Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide - for sale

    A friend of mine has a first edition copy of the original Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide by Tom Sheppard that he doesn't need anymore so he's planning on selling it. I already have a copy or I'd be trying to get it away from him myself. Mark was a finalist in the selection process for the...