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  1. CYi5

    Removing Hitch Play?

    So I finally took the plunge and purchased a new max coupler for the offroad teardrop. There is a large amount of play where it bolts into my trailer tongue. What is the most common solution to removing the play? A) Wrap coupler with duct tape to fill void. B) Drill and tap top and side of...
  2. CYi5

    WTB: Yakima 58" Crossbars: Long Beach, CA

    Looking to buy a pair of 58" Yakima crossbars for my teardrop trailer project. If anyone has some lying around and wants to let them go for ~$40, let me know! Long Beach, CA Thanks!
  3. CYi5

    Max Coupler Dimensions

    Could one of the owners post a picture of their max coupler next to a tape measure? I'm trying to find how much metal is behind the rear most hitch pin. I found this guy, but how far it slips into the receiver is what i'm after. Maybe another inch after the pin?
  4. CYi5

    Passenger wheels on trailer hubs?

    I just received my drum brakes that are setup for 6x5.5 and am wanting to run some 05+ Tacoma offroad rims on them (because they are sitting around). One issue is that the wheels are hub centric, I don't see this being a huge problem as it is a lightweight trailer, I'm sure the lugs will center...
  5. CYi5

    Thule Evolution 1800 - Long Beach, CA

    This ad is for a used Thule Evolution 1800 cargo box. I'm at least the second owner, picked it up off craigslist awhile back. I was told it was a 1600 and when I picked it up it was actually an 1800, too large for the small length of my roof tracks. The exterior is in pretty good condition...
  6. CYi5

    WTT: Thule Evolution 1800 for Thule Evolution 1600 Cargo Box

    I picked up a Thule Evolution Cargo box off of craigslist last night. The seller responded to my wanted ad for a Thule Evolution 1600 and when I arrived it turned out it was actually the larger 1800 model. I drove a fair ways to get it so I just brought it home anyway. It looks fine on top of...
  7. CYi5

    ECS Single Lid Case; LB, CA

    ECS Single Lid Case; pretty sure it's of their Loadmaster variant. Dust/water tight with pressure release. Spring loaded handles. Used for five years, maybe, for camping. Reorganized my rear storage setup to house fridge; no more room for this guy! It's not perfect cosmetically, but a solid...
  8. CYi5

    Popular winch mods?

    Finally picked up a T-max 9000 to fill up the ARB and was wondering if there are any popular mods done to new winches in general? Obviously the clocking to get it to fit, but others replace the grease inside with higher quality stuff? Any common wiring upgrades or solenoid tricks to ensure...
  9. CYi5

    Cabela's Cordura Seat Cover Experience?

    Anyone have any experience with the Cabela's cordura seat covers? 129.99 doesn't seem so bad for such a fabric that is custom fit to vehicle specific models. The only picture I could find is supplied on the Cabela's site.
  10. CYi5


    I have a Roll-A-Cot that I don't need anymore, just taking up space. I slept on it inside my 4runner for 10 nights on a solo road trip. Looks brand new. Includes carrying bag and cot. Set-up size- 74"x28"x15", Rolled-up size-37"x5"dia (nominal), 250 lb capacity, 10 lbs weight, Color-...
  11. CYi5

    WTT: 235/85 MT for 285/75 AT

    Anyone have any interest in trading a set of 285/75/16 all terrains (Nittos preferably) for my evenly worn 235/85/16 Hankook MT03 M/T's with 16k on them? Long Beach, CA
  12. CYi5

    Motorcycle ID?

    Trying to figure out what motorcycle this is based on? It came from this thread regarding the military KLR650's, but the tank looks smaller as does the body cladding.
  13. CYi5

    1985 FJ60 So-Cal $1,500 Go, buy it! I'd probably pick it up if I was down south right now. *not affiliated*
  14. CYi5

    Roll-A-Cot ~ Nor Cal

    Roll-A-Cot ~ So Cal Have a one month old Roll-A-Cot I don't need anymore. I slept on it inside my 4runner for 10 nights on a solo road trip. Looks brand new of course. Includes carrying bag and cot. Set-up size- 74"x28"x15", Rolled-up size-37"x5"dia (nominal), 250 lb capacity, 10 lbs...
  15. CYi5

    $450 RTT's So-Cal

    Looks like a new variant of the standard howling moon style RTT. The website has the typical price, but this ad says they have 35 for $450. Might be worth checking into for some. Looks to be a little lower quality, but would do the job...
  16. CYi5

    Australia Toyota Purchase Opinions

    In a few weeks i'll be moving to Australia for up to a year. As it's such a large country with so much to see, i've been told purchasing a vehicle once settled is the best option to tour. I'll be looking at toyota Hilux's and earlier Utes mostly, perhaps a land cruiser. Does anyone have...
  17. CYi5

    Inverter Cable Length

    I just found a Xantrex XPower 1000 inverter in the garage and thought, why not just throw it in the 4runner, it would be nice to recharge camera batteries/laptop. Well, the only feasible place to put it is right behind the rear passenger seats on the back of my sub. The manual says not to run...
  18. CYi5

    '72 FJ55 Piggy - NorCal - $4500 Found this while browsing craigslist..not a bad deal!
  19. CYi5

    Moving Sale! Cheap/FREE

    I have a bunch of stuff to clear out of the shed. Lots of tacoma parts as well as misc. pieces. PICTURES Interior Sphere shift knob - Machined aircraft aluminum, black gloss ('01 Tacoma) - $20 Suspension Full 1999 4runner Suspension (120k miles) - $150 2001 Tacoma TRD struts (95k miles)...
  20. CYi5

    CYi5's '99 4Runner Buildup

    Vehicle 1999 Toyota 4runner Limited 3.4L V6 + E-Locker -> 4.30's stock Modifications Suspension: Donahoe Racing Extended Coilovers - 2.25" Camburg Engineering Upper Control Arms Icon Rear Piggy Back Reservoir Shocks Old Man Emu 891 Springs Timbren Front Bumpstops Daystar KU09014BK Rear...