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  1. 94rover

    SOLD!!!! 2002 G500 Overland Modified

    If I were in the market I'd be purchasing this just to get the nla Front Runner interior head liner cargo net storage system! GLWS!
  2. 94rover

    O'erlanderwagen build
  3. 94rover

    G55 Build

    I'd like info on the rear light and bracket used to mount...brand, where to purchase, thanks G looks great!
  4. 94rover

    2017 G550 - Tire Options

    Still looking good! I ride 265/65/18 too. I asked about your tire cover before knowing your tire size was 265/60/18 (aware that Vlad carries them). A 463 890 6708 is MB part # I have a knock off version of your tire cover I ordered from that barely fits over my BFG KO's & will...
  5. 94rover

    2017 G550 - Tire Options

    Nice, HeliNomad! Tastefully customized too! When time allows, I'd like a part number on the tire cover and tire size you selected for the BFG AT KO2's. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your 2017 G550!
  6. 94rover

    1999 G500 Pur edition

    Looks good, all good, real good!
  7. 94rover

    Covello's 1991 White SWB 300GD w463

    Super Congrats, Covello! Enjoy your "new" G
  8. 94rover

    1999 G500 Pur edition

    Otiswesty, cant wait to see how all this looks!
  9. 94rover

    Aus military testing G Wagen

    Yep, sure do look like standard 16" Ashtaroth wheels and now I really want to have my set painted black. Dakar Dan, thanks for sharing this video.
  10. 94rover

    Blu Tooth for 03' G500