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    **STOLEN 9/26/21**. 1997 Ford F350 Crew Cab Long Bed------ Lets Build This!

    Forget the talk, vaccinate him with a hot lead injection. Thieves suck and we need to get rid of them. I hope you get your truck back in one piece. You have done a lot of really nice work to it.
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    Four leaf clover fab trailer

    Bump for a nice trailer GLWS
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    Warn, Ramsey, Sherpa... whats the most dependable least Chinese winch

    You, like my wife, have your head buried in the sand about what is going on in the world.
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    So very happy to hear that.
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    Are you going to be keeping production in the US or is it moving to Chyna?
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    Tuff Stuff Alpha 2

    My brother has a tuff stuff and has had no problems. The annex is a pian to zip together but that is it. He has close to 100 nights in it.
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    2 stroke generator issue. Specifically HF Tailgator.

    Just what I would expect from HF
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    Rivian does the Trans America Trail

    I have been really impressed with Rivian every since I watched "Long way up", using a couple of the first working proto types from them.
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    Low Buck DIY Composting toilet

    Pretty damn slick. Thanks for sharing.
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    FSR High Country 55 Premium Rooftop Tent - $1100

    We have the standard version of this tent and love it. So easy to deploy and take down. This is a great price as well. GLWS
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    Off Grid Trailers

    I'm a FB hater, myself.
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    "2011 four winds only 19 feet long premium condition" Warning, Rust Issues.

    My guess is that came from another state or spent a lot of time at the coast.
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    Jeep JKU Unlimited 4 Door Springtail Solutions MPAC Rear Seat Delete/Platform

    It needs trap doors so you can access the footwells from the top, IMO
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    2021 Jeep Gladiator - Full Overland build - For Sale

    The lockers and 37's are enough for Jeep to cancel warranty. FYI
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    Free Spirit Recreation Adventure 55 Manual RTT First Impressions

    We had it on our JKUR with the Teraflex Nebo rack. It now sits on top of our M416 trailer.
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    Free Spirit Recreation Adventure 55 Manual RTT First Impressions

    We have the FSR 55 High country and love it. Glad to hear you got it sorted. I think you will really like your tent.
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    WOW! That is beautiful.
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    WTB 270 awning

    Northridge 4x4 shows both the rhino batwing and the OVS 270's to be in stock. I didn't check Northridge 4x4 shoows at least 2 brands to be in stock, with the OVS on sale.
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    Off-road Heavy Duty Casita Build

    Come up with a price you are willing to part with it and let me know. We have sold our teardrop, so if we can get a camper before our casita is ready, that would be great.
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    Off-road Heavy Duty Casita Build

    Also, very nice build and weld/fab skills.