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  1. nickt

    [SOLD] 1972 Series IIA Dormobile for Sale

    UPDATE - It's sold - thanks for looking! --- Hi, Regrettably, I'm putting up my 1972 Land Rover Series IIA Dormobile up for sale. It's a great base vehicle that's in pretty good condition for a 41-year-old, but I've realized that I'm not going to have the time to perform the restoration I would...
  2. nickt

    For Sale: Iron Goat Defender Dash Kit - Brand new

    Hi, I have 2 Iron Goat Defender Dash kits for sale. This kit transforms the center part of the dash - it has room for a DIN-sized head-unit, 6 Carling rocker switches (like the ARB switches), a couple of 52mm gauges (I think that's 2 1/16), and a couple of recesses for you to cut out square...
  3. nickt

    LED Worklamps

    Anyone got any suggestions for LED worklamps? The Hella Matador worklamp I have on the back of my D90 is starting to fall apart. I've always been worried about the current draw (a "friend", ahem, left it on all night and flattened one of the batteries), and while it's a great lamp, I think a...
  4. nickt

    GPSMap 640 and Weather data

    I've used the GPSMap 478 for years, it's a great chartplotting GPS I've used it all over the world. The new GPSMap 640 looked like its obvious replacement. I subscribe to the XM WX weather service. It's a little pricey (I have the "sailor" package), but we're out and about a lot in CO & UT so...
  5. nickt

    Kenwood RC-D710

    I have a nice Icom IC-2820 in my D90, with all the D-STAR goodness. I'm thinking of adding the Kenwood RC-D710 as a TNC so I can use APRS on the analogue side. It seems like a great combination to me and it seems like Bob Bruninga (the APRS daddy) agrees. This article seems to give a good...
  6. nickt

    What Hardware?

    Ok Ladies and Gents, As a follow-up from the Which OS? poll, I'd like to know a bit more about your hardware. Netbooks really took off last year, and I, for one, welcome our mini, cramped-keyboard and underpowered overlords. Let's see what comes out off this one. I've categorized the options...
  7. nickt

    Anyone remember the US-based Camel 110?

    Guys, Can anyone remember who imported into the USA a '97 or '98 CT110 by shipping the parts separately (IIRC, they shipped the rolling chassis separate from the engine and other bits)? TIA, Nick.
  8. nickt

    Which OS?

    Hi Guys, I'm curious to know what OS you're using when on the road. I personally, prefer OSX running on a 15" MacBook Pro, though I've used both Compaq and IBM/Lenovo hardware on the road and been happy with them. What do you use on the road? Nick.
  9. nickt

    Land Rover to Build Sherpas

    Renault Trucks Defense announced that Land Rover will build selected Sherpa tactical vehicles to compete jointly for an outstanding MOD order. Personally, I'd bet it'll be a truck based on either the Sherpa 2 or Sherpa 3. I've not had any feedback personally on what these trucks are like in...
  10. nickt

    Iridium - brief outages until Friday 20090213

    Iridium lost a bird due to a collision with a defunct Russian satellite this week. Iridium are quoting 30 days to reposition a spare, and are stating there may be outages until this Friday, 20090213. BBC news article. Nick.
  11. nickt

    Redline MTL - recommended for R380

    Hi, On a friends recommendation, I've just started using Redline MTL in my R380s. I've got to say it's a fantastic upgrade over the ATF the manual advised (though there is a service bulletin advising MTF94 dated 1998, it seems that information didn't make the manuals even though they were...
  12. nickt

    Iran is fun!

    Hi Guys, I don't know why I didn't post earlier. Kristy and I are currently in Yazd, Iran, and it's a treat. We've spent the last 3 weeks overland from Baku in Azerbaijan and will end up in Dubai next week. Iran is so not what Fox "News" would have you believe. The people here are wonderful...
  13. nickt

    Thinking about an UZJ100...

    Hi, I've realised that my main expedition truck is 10 years old this year, not to mention stuck in the UK so I've been looking at 100's here in Denver. I've driven them in the mid-east a couple of times, and think they'd make a great expedition truck. The biggest drawback I can see is the...