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  1. p1michaud

    The "Hot Lap" Exploring Australia

    The adventure begins, on Saturday 1st March we set off to explore this great land that is Australia. It's a plan that has been in the making for 5 years with a few changes along the way but here we are kicking things off in Brisbane, QLD. A big thanks to the Bell family for the helping hand on...
  2. p1michaud

    Overland worthy belts - What is your preferred one?

    I was just curious what others use for an adventure ready belt. I have a nice thick brown leather belt that I made with the help of a friend and fine leather craftsman that gets worn nearly every day. Hand stitched and finished. I really enjoy it. It should last me a very long time but I...
  3. p1michaud

    Overland Journal Shirt - Free to a good home!

    I've got a size large Overland Journal short sleeve shirt. It was a gift but it's too big for me. Worn once. Located in Australia, thus posted here. You cover postage and it's yours! :wings: Photo: Cheers, P
  4. p1michaud

    The replacement - 2004 HDJ100R Landcruiser

    After touring Australia for 3 years in the relative comfort of our 1997 HZJ80R Landcruiser, it was time to move on. After lengthy search, data analysis (read cost comparison) we found a suitable replacement. It arrived at our door in the early hours of the morning this past Tuesday. :wings...
  5. p1michaud

    SOLD For Sale 1997 HZJ80R RHD Toyota Landcruiser - Located in QLD Australia

    Well it's time to move a old friend off to a new loving owner. Given that this is a heavily North American based forum, it's a bit of a long shot but worth a try. There are a few Australian based ExPo members. Vehicle: 1997 HZJ80R RHD Toyota Landcruiser - build date November 1997 White in...
  6. p1michaud

    Question: Convert 1HZ 80 Series to 1HD-FT/FTE versus upgrade to 100 Series?

    To the ExPo LandCruiser enthusiasts, a question I have for you! What option would you choose if you had the option between the following: Engine conversion on a 1997 1HZ 80 Series with 218000 Km on the vehicle. Engines being considered are the Toyota 1HD-FT (factory offering in the 80 Series)...
  7. p1michaud

    80 Series - Broken front diff housing

    For the 80 series LC experts, a question I have for you. Have you ever seen or heard of a front lower control arm mounting bracket break (right hand side) on an 80 series? This is what I found recently, hmm where is this diff oil coming from? More diff oil, can't be too good. Further...
  8. p1michaud

    Short story: Weekend trip to Landcruiser Mountain Park - QLD Australia

    Back in July this year, we decided to meet up with some of our Brisbane based friends of ours at Landcruiser Moutain Park located in Queensland Australia. It was roughly half way between where we live now and Brisbane. It was a great weekend of camping, sitting arround the bondfire catching up...
  9. p1michaud

    80 Series - Roof load capacity

    To the ExPo Landcruiser experts, unfortunately I've had to move to an ARB roof rack for two upcoming trips. I picked up a used ARB 73" x 49" roof rack last night at a decent price (compliments of eBay). Anyhow, I could not believe how heavy this thing was. Not sure of exact weight but I'd...
  10. p1michaud

    A chocoholics dream come true - Black Sapote!

    You never know what the day will hold and yesterday we discovered an amazing new treat. :sombrero: We stopped in this quaint little town for a bit of a rest and look around on our way back from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The place was called Maleny. During our little visit we stopped...
  11. p1michaud

    For the Canadian members - 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ77

    Doing a bit of day dreaming/searching and found this: 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ77 - $22,500.00 More pics here: Outback Imports To the US members, won't be eligible untill 2017 sorry...:costumed-smiley-007 No affiliation, just one cool rig.
  12. p1michaud

    The "bird feeder" snorkel head - what's it's purpose?

    I had originally posted this under my build up thread but did not get too many answers so I'll try it again here. Can anyone tell me if there is a useful purpose to the snokel "mailbox" or "birdfeeder" type cover over the snokel head as seen here: From another angle, where the birds can...
  13. p1michaud

    Our first taste of the Outback - July 24 to August 4, 2009

    Day 1 Saturday 25th July – Brisbane to St George (560 Km). Back in early May when the Callide B2 plant outage was in full swing, I was working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in a town 600 Km away from Martha. Was this really why we came over to Australia? At some point in those long and...
  14. p1michaud

    Biloela, QLD, Australia - A different perspective.

    I know that this is an Overlanding oriented forum but somtimes a new perspective freshens things up a bit... Over the last 4 months, I've been working away from my Australian home base of Brisbane in a place called Biloela. It's roughly 600 Km North of Brisbane. I've been working at a power...
  15. p1michaud

    From beaches to mountains...getting settled into life with the Landcruiser

    This weekend, we pointed the Landcruiser in a Southerly direction towards Lamington National Park (World Heritage listed). This area of Queensland is know for it's rainforests, spectacular views, extensive bushwalking tracks. We had been preparing on Wed. and Thurs. for a quick departure on...
  16. p1michaud

    Being broke in by our 1997 HZJ80R Landcruiser

    So after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, this pas weekend we were able to explore what Australia has properly with our new mode of transport. :elkgrin: During the week we packed the camping gear up, prepared a rough menu, got the clothing sorted and poured over maps for the longest...
  17. p1michaud

    A new to us 1997 Toyota HZJ80R Landcruiser

    After nearly 4 months of patiently looking, scanning the used car websites, crunching the numbers we finally picked up our first 80 Series Landcruiser this past Thursday. :wings: On to the details. It's a 1997 Toyota HZJ80R Landcruiser in DX trim. Also known as poverty pack! 1HZ 4.2L 6...
  18. p1michaud

    Efficiency - Why walk back to get your sand ladders?

    Well I was on youtube looking up various videos by Ray Mears and found this one about sand driving. He's got some great tips but on in particular that I enjoyed was tying off his sand ladders so that he did not have to go back and get them. Brilliant! View here. Cheers, P
  19. p1michaud

    More Glass House Mountains but with some 4WD Action!

    Thanks to a member of this board, I was able to meet a very cool 40 Series fanatic. We met up for a beer before the holidays and have kept in touch. This past Saturday he invited me to tag along for some passenger seat wheeling. Just what I needed to clear my blues after parting with the...
  20. p1michaud

    Who needs a 4WD when...

    a mid 80's Toyota Corrolla with 330 000 Km's on the clock will do? This past weekend was an extended weekend thanks to Australia Day. Not one to be stuck at home because we had no wheels, Martha suggested we hire a car. Hmmm, sounds like a great idea. She found this place called Rent A Bomb...