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  1. nickt

    An expedition truck on portals...

    OT = off-topic, I didn't want to hijack the thread... Looking forward to the write-up, of course I've just finished rewiring my 90... Cheers, Nick.
  2. nickt

    An expedition truck on portals...

    Andreas, A Bit OT, but I'd love to see another thread with a description and pics of the ISIS install. Nick.
  3. nickt

    [SOLD] 1972 Series IIA Dormobile for Sale

    Ladies and Gents, it's sold. Thanks, Nick.
  4. nickt

    [SOLD] 1972 Series IIA Dormobile for Sale

    UPDATE - It's sold - thanks for looking! --- Hi, Regrettably, I'm putting up my 1972 Land Rover Series IIA Dormobile up for sale. It's a great base vehicle that's in pretty good condition for a 41-year-old, but I've realized that I'm not going to have the time to perform the restoration I would...
  5. nickt

    An expedition truck on portals...

    Stainless Steel Headlamp Surrounds Great headlamp comparison. I upgraded my 90 with a complete set of JW Speaker LED lamps, including the headlamps - I have the model 8700 PAR56 (PDF link) and couldn't be more happy with the result. Actually you'll see the only non-LED lights I have are the...
  6. nickt

    NYC Defender, diamond in the rough

    Minivan oil pan beneath!
  7. nickt

    Team Equipt's "Central America Expedition"

    Awesome trip guys, glad you had plenty mud. Look forward to seeing the "push-rope" shots! Nick.
  8. nickt

    FS: 2005 BMW F650GS Dakar

    Still available? Nick.
  9. nickt

    Central America Expedition IN PROGRESS

    Well, if you can plan it in detail it's not an expedition. As long as you have good company, new experiences and scotch it should be fun. Hope you guys are still having fun, wish I could have made it. Nick. PS I have the scotch. Let me know if you need any :)
  10. nickt

    Michelin XZL's

    All quiet? Anyone hear back from @SafariRover? Been all quiet since I posted my request, also sent a PM the same day and not heard anything. I see the last post he made was on this thread. Any news anyone? Nick.
  11. nickt

    Michelin XZL's

    Can I get 2 tires only to 80027? Thanks, Nick.
  12. nickt

    For Sale: Iron Goat Defender Dash Kit - Brand new

    Sold! Both sold, thanks for looking! Nick.
  13. nickt

    For Sale: Iron Goat Defender Dash Kit - Brand new

    Hi, I have 2 Iron Goat Defender Dash kits for sale. This kit transforms the center part of the dash - it has room for a DIN-sized head-unit, 6 Carling rocker switches (like the ARB switches), a couple of 52mm gauges (I think that's 2 1/16), and a couple of recesses for you to cut out square...
  14. nickt

    LED Worklamps

    Anyone got any suggestions for LED worklamps? The Hella Matador worklamp I have on the back of my D90 is starting to fall apart. I've always been worried about the current draw (a "friend", ahem, left it on all night and flattened one of the batteries), and while it's a great lamp, I think a...
  15. nickt

    Overland Expo: Official Daily Update Thread

    OMG, as the proud owner of CT47 from '98, that just hurts! And how come every time I ask U-Haul for a trailer for a Land Rover they tell me it's forbidden? :) Anyway, my biggest issue this year was I needed two more days to get to catch-up with everyone, see everything and meet more new...
  16. nickt

    Overland Training Alumni Baja Adventure

    Photo group Great trip! I'm still in Mexico, man if you thought Mondays WX started bad you should have hung around for the rest of the day... It was great to see some old faces and meet some new ones, I really enjoyed hanging out with you guys. Kudos to Graham and Connie for organizing and Al...
  17. nickt

    Royal Geographical Society: EXPLORE

    It was a pleasure to hang out with Scott and Graham and show them around the city I lived in for a few years. I resisted: 1. Buying $200k worth of double gun 2. $100k worth of Bentley 3. $10k worth of Leica All within a 5 mins walk, despite Scotts best efforts! London is still a wealthy...
  18. nickt

    Kenwood RC-D710

    By way of a follow-up, I finally got around to this today and am happy to report it works well. I wrote a blog entry outlining the details. Cheers, Nick.
  19. nickt

    Helmet Cam

    @bajasurf exactly, it's ideal for your purpose. I think these type of cameras have a great future. I reckon it won't be long before we're just capturing everything by default and keeping the best bits. Nick.
  20. nickt

    road test of the J8

    I think the J8 is the best available mid-sized diesel engined option available in the US. And I'm really a Rover-guy :) Cheers, Nick.