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    Pinzgauer 6x6 camper

    If you could email me photos and details, I could post it to the Southwest pinzgauer association site. mjnims at
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    Pinzgauer experts need help

    If you are just looking for better highway drivability then for the money the newer diesel pinz would be the best option. The money it would take to do up an engine swap in a gasser pinz would more then cover the cost of the newer pinz and all the engineering is done. You also get some nice...
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    Overland Expo West 2015

    I can see our camp just to the right and in the background in your pic. We were in the Pinzgauers. Had to put up tarps to stop the wind to make it a little more comfortable at camp.
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    Overland Expo West 2015

    we will also be having a small group of Pinzgauers coming up form Phoenix again this year.
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    Look for a tent tall enough for a cot, for one person

    one of my overland biker friends uses a TeePee style tent. It gives him plenty of room to stand up and room for a couple of cots. He can roll it up small enough to fit in the saddle bags on his bike. I will see if he is in town or out and about and get the info on the tent. The one he has...
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    How many of us bring dutch oven along?

    Here are some photos of the dutch oven burner I made along with some other options I use with the burner. The red pressure tank is used for hot water showers, works pretty well as long as you let the water heat up slowly or it gets to hot to shower with (probably should add a thermometer)
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    How many of us bring dutch oven along?

    I made my own dutch oven cover out of a metal pail. I shortened it down to fit over my 10" ovens and made a butterfly valve to adjust the release of heat out the top. I also made a heat diffuser plate. I need to make the diffuser plate adjustable so I can control the heat to the bottom of the...
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    Trash/waste... what to do...

    trasharoo on the spare tire and a Global Passport porta potty for the wife. When she is along the trails are not super technical and we have had no issues with leakage.
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    Sometimes it's the little things - new LED lights in the camper

    I converted our tent trailer to these styles of lights so the wife would not have the concern of battery drain when she takes her friends out with it. The ladies would use the lights and leave them on all day to find the batteries would not last a weekend. Could not convince them that having...
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    How to mount a camper onto a Fuso?

    This is a buddy of mines Fuso, recently acquired from one of the members here. It is mounted to a flatbed via four very large bolts and has lifting points that allow easy removal. No real history on the truck or its use. I am sure my buddy will put it through its passes in the upcoming years...
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    Lipstick on a Pig: The 10 Don'ts of Vehicle Modifications

    Here is my perspective on the coms. Our group (SWPA) wanted to have better coms then CB's so I started attending the local Ham radio club meetings. Never felt welcomed at either club and in fact felt looked down upon because I did not understand what the members were talking about (techy...
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    How many of us bring dutch oven along?

    I have been using these to carry my DO's. seems the offroading has been hard on my carry bags over the years. They fit the 12" oven nicely and the 10" with room for some cooking/cleaning items...
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    Propane torch head? What do you use?

    I just use my propane plumbing torch that fits the 16oz cylinders. It is a Turbo torch brand built in ignitor and runs around $75. Works well for anything that requires heat. Lights charcoal up really quick.
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    Spices and stuff for cooking.

    The best way to set up your vehicle kitchen is to cook at home. That is to say make your meals at home and list the items used. You will find a common denominator in what you like in no time. My trucks pantry is a smaller version of what is at my house. I don't have to adjust any recipe when...
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    New Truck window statement...lets see yours

    Finally got mine back from the printers.
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    Camp Table

    OK so I cheated. Not sure how to make this happen on your rig but it sure works nice on mine.
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    How a tool should be made!

    Way cool. Love working raw iron into something else that I can use. more than likely the powder was a hardening agent. the buffing wheel dressing would have been something along these lines...
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    Your favorite camping meals

    don't think I have a favorite. Anything out of the dutch oven is my favorite. this past weekend I made a Chicago style deep dish pepperoni, ham, onion, olive, pepper and cheese pizza. Very good around a nice camp fire with some friends.
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    RV Cabinets

    recently been using aircraft interior parts. While not plug and play they are easily remodeled to fit the needs and are extremely light and durable and for the most part cost effective.
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    Re-tread tires

    For those who want to order the Treadwrights, we have a 10% off deal going with them. Use spa10off as your code when checking out. It will be good for another week.