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    The mounts are no longer on GFC's website. Not even sure if they are still available. They just mount to the extrusion system on the GFC, and have a set screw to lock the cross bars in. Very simple.
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    All sold.
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    Small freezer and Yeti cooler with ice bricks vs Large fridge/freezer

    If you can afford a fridge, do it. No need to save space for your ice/ice packs or find a way to refreeze your packs. Temp is adjustable, "can" be run on a single battery (many variables), and size is comparable to similar capacity coolers. I have a 55qt Canyon cooler and an ARB fridge. I use...
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    hitch bike rack wobble

    Your thinking is backwards. Having the plate on the top creates a gap on the bottom and ALL the stress will only rely on the ubolt. That pulls the hitch up to meet the top of the receiver. Plate on the bottom holds it against the surface it's already leaning on. No resting tension other than...
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    Best adhesive to mount solar panels with?

    Get the 30# extreme duty VHB tape. Make sure the surface is clean enough to eat off. 3M also makes a primer, should you feel it necessary. Scuffing the surfaces can also help bonding. None of which is absolutely necessary, other than cleaning. The adhesive is pressure sensitive, so more pressure...
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    ARB 50 qt original or Series 2

    Have you seen the new ARB Zero fridges? It's their newest redesign.
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    On Board Water systems and Storage

    I was looking into these. Similar to the offerings that Front Runner has, but more options and cheaper.
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    Front Locker is it needed?

    If you don't rock crawl on a regular basis (which you said you don't do at all), spend the money on something you will use everyday. Put it toward suspension or A/T tires or the compressor setup you were talking about. You will be extremely surprised how far open diffs with aired down A/T's...
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    Salt in the ice?

    What kind of cooler do you have? If it's a Yeti, RTIC, or similar, you "should" last that long. Make sure to keep it full, leave the melted water in it, keep it in the shade with ventilation if it's hot (not in the car), open as little and as quick as possible. If you are adding bottled water...
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    Just bought an ARB fridge/freezer, set to 24 fahrenheit, but no ice. Defective?

    Glad your fridges are good, but there is a reason ARB decided to add a calibration feature to their control panel. When I got my fridge i found the temp setting was definitely off. The test shown above yielded a 5* difference. Coincidentally, I had this conversation with a buddy today and he...
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    Just bought an ARB fridge/freezer, set to 24 fahrenheit, but no ice. Defective?

    Leave that basket in there. It's great for spills as it somewhat elevates and holds all your food for MUCH easier cleanup. It also protects your cooling coil from abrasion, over time. Leave only a couple beers in the basket and go for a ride. Those cans get destroyed quick. When I'm packing for...
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    Just bought an ARB fridge/freezer, set to 24 fahrenheit, but no ice. Defective?

    I've never come across an ARB that was accurately calibrated from the factory. @chet6.7 dropped the video to calibrate. I strongly suggest you do it. I've seen up to 7 degrees F and it's usually displaying colder than it is.. Everyone has already mentioned relevant info to the fridge layout and...
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    Advantages/Disadvantages Of A Titanium Crankshaft and Camshaft

    For anything other than a racing vehicle, it's unnecessary and would hinder performance in a daily driver or expedition vehicle. The closest comparison would be swapping to an aluminum flywheel. It'll rev up quick for spirited runs, but you want weight to help maintain momentum (torque) while...
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    Do you use wheel spacers for wheeling?

    Ran/still running 1" wheel spacers on my Tacoma for over 25k now. Never had a problem. I check it every 3k with my oil change. Never had a lug come loose on the spacer or the hub. Installed 1.25" on my ZR2 a week after I bought it. Almost 12k miles now and same thing. Rotated twice and nothing...
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    Shower Thoughts.............?

    If two people each find the other person's laugh funny, it might result in an endless cycle of laughter.... ....oh. Not that kind of shower thought.
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    Wiring Mess - Clean It Up - Advice Needed

    Aside from the fuse/distribution blocks other folks have mentioned, wire loom can help bundle and protect wires for a cleaner and more factory looking harness. This is most effective when you plan out your wiring routes throughout the engine bay. Follow the same paths to the battery. You want to...
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    Entirely personal preference, like virtually everything else. The main point is that you have a table without having to carry a table. It's like an extension of a tailgate that is extremely convenient. But like you mention, it's not for everyone. I personally opted out of the drop-down table on...
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    After years on the standard propane Coleman 2 burner, I got fed up with it after i struggled to get it hot enough for Korean BBQ. Disclaimer, there was some wind, but nothing crazy. It just doesn't like wind, at all. Purchased a Camp Chef Everest and i'm not looking back. Double the output...
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    Camp Tables - What are you using?

    Main Table - Lifetime folding 2'x4' with telescoping legs (quicker setup/take down and larger) extra table - REI Co-Op roll up
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    Chevy Colorado or GMC Canyon Setups

    well, I figure i may as well drop my setup here too... She's a 2018 ZR2 with a lot of junk in the trunk. Most notable are the visual upgrades - Relentless bumpers, Baja Designs lights, Leer 100R shell with DIY rack and ARB Awning, 1.25" BORA Wheel spacers, 589 Fabrication leveling kit Overall...