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    SOLD! Four Wheel Camper Hawk Shell for sale, SoCal.

    2000-ish four wheel camper hawk. this started as a grandby, had it rebuilt/Shortened/converted to hawk by ATC to fit a 6 1/2 foot bed. NEW floor pack - sized to fit modern full size trucks with 6.5' bed New lift panels New siding New tent/side liner New interior panels New side window New...
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    Trailer paint

    How’s everyone paint their trailers? Direct to metal farm paint? High roller powdercoat? 2 part shooting it with automotive paint? Drop it off at maaco? Brush on rustoleum? I’m getting to this part of the build right quick and haven’t been able to pull the trigger on a solution. Initial...
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    Villageidiots Trailer Build.

    ok, so i have had this little trailer for a little while, about 8 months. its a 4x6 Carson standard utility trailer. i had this trailer built for my former vehicle, a 2016 transit connect, i could sleep in the connect, and the trailer was to haul stuff to shows (overland expo, etc etc). the...
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    ford injector plug/connector................ where to get?

    workin on the van, seems I have a couple bad/broken injector connectors where can I get some of these, my wires are good, I can just de-pin the connector and re pin, but the retaining clip is broken on 2 of them.
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    Radiator question ford e series

    i have the radiator out of my van (along with a whole bunch of other stuff) and a new radiator to go back in, its a 2006 e-150 4.6L. the factory radiator i took out is just one row thick, as is the replacement i bought to go back in. thinking some extra coolant capacity couldn't be a bad...
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    CNC router'd door panels

    i would (wood) imagine that by now someone is making a set of CNC router'd door panels for the ford E series vans. i have not found any, but I'm thinking of getting some made, with 1/2" baltic birch, and id have the door panel holes to fasten drilled so nutserts could be installed in the sheet...
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    correcting speedometer after gear change ford van

    how do ya do it? i had my van swapped from 3.55's to 4.10's, and added a limited slip, the speedo is wildly off at highway speed. i took it to ford and they said "ford won't authorize them to change those parameters" ******? any suggestions. its a 2006, e150, 4.6L v8
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    2WD E150 shake/shimmy issues

    I've got a 2006 E-150 build thread : I'm fighting a shake/shimmy and I'm not sure where to go next....... its got new: -front springs ---MOOG CC81368 -front and rear bilstein shocks...
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    Interior switches question

    I'm starting to plan the interior light up/power phase of my build. Having a hard time coming up with a switch panel for lights/fan etc. What have you guys used? Any links? I don't want something lit up full time, but don't mind a light on the switch once it's switched on. Thanks for the help...
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    anybody make a roof mounted light bar setup?

    i see all these guys with roof mounted light bars on their pickups/jeeps etc, does anyone make a light bar mount for the roof that isn't part of a roof rack? they should.
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    Ford e series shock questions.

    Before I go dropping $ on a set of shocks, I wanna make sure I'm buying the right thing. I'm looking at bilstein hd's. My 2006 ford e150 from what I gather should take a 24-184816 up front And a 33-017204 in the rear. My question is this, I'm putting 3/4 ton springs up front (moog...
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    2wd e series wheel questions.

    going to start getting into the suspension/wheels on my van soon. planning on the weldtec 2" leveling kit, maybe the 4" if i think i need it after the 2" is installed. trying to figure out what wheel specs work/dont work. my 2006 e150 has 16x7 wheels, unsure on the backspace. i want to go...
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    Simple kind of van, a 2006 e150 build thread.

    Simple kind of van, its now a 2016 transit connect. its now a 2016 transit connect. Backstory...... in 2007, i bought a gently used 2006 ford e150. drove the wheels off of it for 13 months and 60K+ miles. gas went to crazy town, and i dumped it in favor of an econobox car as i was driving...