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    From VA to the west coast in a 7.3L

    I would go to Big 5 and buy an economical sleeping bag down to zero. When I sleep in my pickup, I use a cot, it works because I am not tall. I have found with the cot, the dog will like to sleep under the cot.
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    "E-bike" mopeds more dangerous than motorcycles?

    Do you know what you are talking about? Have you ever ridden an emtb?
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    Fragile Jeeps

    I rode in one of these when they were new. They were not made to travel the desert. They were work vehicles. I doubt they would hit 50 mph. In the 1970's I man I worked with used one for a tractor on his farm. The OP has 1 post in 6 years!!
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    Is it a sign that I'm just growing up or getting boring?? Soon to be Wrangler-less...

    I'm still living both worlds, 2008 Rubicon with 6-speed. 2015 Grand Cherokee limited, diesel, trail rated with low range and air suspension. I had to look hard for the GC to find the right package. The GC will wheel, but at full lift, the suspension is stiff. My wife is handicapped and the air...
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    GMRS Walkie talkies, next step up BTECH GMRS-V1 GMRS Two-Way Radio, GMRS Repeater Capable, with Dual Band Scanning Receiver (136-174.99mhz (VHF) 400-520.99mhz (UHF)): Car Electronics We have been looking at this GMRS radio for hunting, exploring etc. It seems very popular and you can add a longer antenna.
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    Trek Bicycles Powerfly FS Plus e-Assist bikes

    The emtb's are winning. More and more trails are opening for Class 1 e-bikes.
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    Anyone use their ARB compressor to inflate SUPs or Kayaks?

    Look at the Lowes Kobalt high volume low pressure battery powered pump. The battery can also power you impact driver to remove wheel lugs, etc.
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    Baselining a '07 Jeep Liberty w/ 150,000 miles

    I would have it aligned and they will check all the steering linkage. Also check all u-joints including axels.
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    ARB 50 qt original or Series 2

    Mine is 10 years old and still works great.
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    Fridge or wait ?

    My 10 year old ARB ran 2 days in the garage at 95 degrees before it shut off and the Jeep started. The refer was at 40 degrees. I did run a heavy gauge fuse wire for the refer.
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    hitch bike rack wobble

    He is wrong. I have over 4000 miles using one with no wiggle or jerking.
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    Can we get a separate "E-bike/Moped" forum?

    A moped is not an ebike. Moped should be in a motorcycle forum. I own and emtb, class I (no throttle} and I cannot go any faster than a regular bicycle. The motor only helps this 70 year old body get up the hills.
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    GM fullsize AWD Van Info thread

    Maybe this should be a new post? I am looking for an assist handle to get in the side door of a 2010 Chevy van. I assume it would be mounted on the post by the front passenger door. Any suggestions.
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    Help with insurance

    Try Foremost its what I have. You may have to go through an agent.
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    Crazy insurance issue

    Another company to try is Foremost.
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    2000 Series 100 purchase

    The starter replacement is easy compared to replacing cracked exhaust manifolds with new headers. Removing old exhaust studs is real work. My son's 2001 is over 250,000 miles and running strong.
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    Single din flip up cd/dvd player

    You need to go to Crutchfield. They can tell you if it will fit and supply any adapters needed for the dash.
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    GM Van windows that fit the body lines?

    I have a 2011 Airstream Avenue. It is built on the Express body. There is a CR Lawrence window in that location, but it is smaller than the panel you want to remove. I would guess the window is half of the panel.