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    Wildernest door hinge needed!

    I know its a long shot, but hopping someone has an old unrestoreable 'nest laying around. I'm looking for the rear door side hinge piece, or even a whole door. What's usually called a hurricane hinge. I'm building a new rear entry system, and don't want to permanently alter my original door...
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    Cast iron griddle

    So after a trip last weekend, I have decided I need to invest in a griddle for my old trusty Coleman dual fuel stove. Cooking large quantities of bacon in my small skillet is a pain! Anyone have any luck finding a decent cast iron griddle that fits on the old Coleman stoves? Want something with...
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    Gluten free camping with a tree nut allergy

    So I have been getting the chuck box ready for a trip this weekend, and have come upon a problem. My wife has gone gluten free due to health issues, and ALSO has a tree nut allergy! Needless to say, this really puts a crimp in my prep! I have found a few things that need little to no prep or...
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    Best epoxy/adhesive for aluminum

    I am looking at using aluminum to make a rear enclosure to replace my tailgate and door for my Wildernest. The idea is use aluminum angle/square tube/ sheet to make it, and epoxy/rivet it all together. This thing will have to be fairly strong, but still take some of the torsional twist that will...
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    Highliner headliner

    I am thinking about replacing my torn up headliner and overhead console I built with a Highliner. Anyone have experience with installing one? Do they install easy or is there modification needed? How well do they hold up, look good, etc? Would love to see any pics! It is going in my 87 F-350...
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    Bricknose F-350/ Wildernest build

    So after years of lurking, planning, and some building, thought I would finally start a build thread.... Let me introduce Ozzy, my 1987 Ford F-350. The squared off front end has been called a 'bricknose' due to its aerodynamic comparission! It has a carbed 460, C-6 trans, BW1356 t-case, high...
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    Regular canvas for Wildernest replacement?

    So Im still on the hunt to get the fabric replaced on my 'nest. One company says they will make it but it will be made from standard canvas with vinyl coated canvas on any roof areas. Any opinions on if this would be a good replacement material? Original material is 8 oz. 400 Denier Nylon pack...
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    Opinions/experience with vendor

    Would love to see a sticky about experiences with different vendors. Not for trash-talking, flaming, or bad-mouthing, but a place to post positive experiences with vendors or suppliers or products. Give kudos to companies who go the extra mile, and encourage others who maybe are on the fence...
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    Wildernest canvas replacement

    [/URL][/IMG] So I finally was able to find and buy a Wildernest for my longbed full-size. Its in great shape overall, with the exception of mildew stains and a torn spot on one corner. Fiberglass and hardware in good shape, glass all good, even still had the divider curtain for the bed area. I...
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    Good price on a Wildernest?

    Tomorrow I am going to look at a Wildernest for a full size longbed. The owner said it has a couple small holes in the fabric, but otherwise is in great shape. He is asking $750 obo. What are these going for? Anything I need to look for? Any quick info would be very appreciated!
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    Good fabric choice for homemade RTT/pop-up camper project?

    OK, so I'm pulling the trigger and going to start my own version of a Wildernest-type cap on the back of my tow/off-road support/expedition truck. I have everything planned and drawn up in CAD, and the only thing left is to decide what to use for the "tent" material. I have been watching on here...
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    Winch rebuilding

    My winch get a bit of a use each year and has been submerged a couple times. I am considering pulling it off and tearing it apart for some cleaning and fresh lubrication. Anyone consider this a good idea? What kind of grease would be good for the gears? It still works like a champ, but I believe...