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    Wasn't sure if this topic would go here, but it kinda seems like a better place than other forums, but if not please let me know. What is your choice of backpack for a day away from the car or camp? I was rocking a 5.11 sling that has proven to be just too small.
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    SPF/UVF clothing

    Long story short, I had a melanoma removed along with a large chunk of my ear last year. So now I need to be smarter about sun protection. I have a few Columbia swim SPF shirts and a few button ups. What kind of pants or shirts and hats is anyone wearing for sun protection?
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    Expedition Sandals

    Sorry I was going for a WTH/****** with the thread title because it seems like everything is "expedition" lately. I was recently was on the hunt for some sandals for the summer to camp and swim with, do some hiking, etc. I've had Chaco's and got rid of them because they were so heavy, had a couple...
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    Midland Micromobile

    Was curious to see if anyone is using or has used micromobile devices from Midland and what your thoughts were on it? To give context I have a HAM license and use it, but was thinking for closer comms and from a licensing perspective, its cheaper and easier than getting a HAM license...
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    Tire Options

    I have a GX460 and currently am running A/T's but currently most of my driving is tarmac. I have a spare set of wheels that I am thinking about putting a set of more road bias tires that are going to be capable of towing and some lite off roading (fire road type stuff). I figure when I want to...
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    I guess that this is going to be the best place for this question. I am looking for a good cheaper(not cheap, but not $200-$300 either) binoculars that I can carry for scouting, wild life watching, just general all around binocular use. Any input is much appreciated!
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    Blundstone Boots

    Has anyone used or had good luck with these boots? I searched and found a thread on here discussing them, but it was from 2012. So being that a few years have past since then, I was wondering if anyone has had much more recent experience with them.
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    Suburban/Tahoe(and GMC) pic/build thread

    Post up Suburban/Yukon XL and Tahoe/Yukon. I have been looking at Suburbans and Yukon XL's for the last 7 or so years and I want to see peoples builds and have them all in one thread instead of peppered in the Full Size pic thread. Now that I have a family of 5, we need the space to travel...
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    Drawers, tidy whiteys, boxers......

    What do you wear when out? I go between Under Armour and ExOffico sport mesh both in boxer brief. I kinda like the ExOffico better.
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    Ecco shoes and boots?

    Anyone have or use the ECCO brand shoes for overlanding? I have a pair of their shoes the i wear to work and the have some aggressive tread and are quite comfortable. they arent the cheapest shoes out there, but would be curious as to their ruggedness.
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    Ford Transit 350 4x4 and Powerstroke?!

    So I was reading up on the bumper buying guide from the main page and found Aluminess and jumped on their page and ran across this Ford Transit 350 4x4 powerstroke! I may be behind on this one, but I hadnt heard anything about the Transit coming in a 4x4 configuration or a diesel option. Didnt...
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    Any newer expo prepped F-150's? Looking for ideas....

    I just picked up a 2012 F-150 Super Crew FX4 EcoBoost (3.5L V6 Twin Turbo, incase anyone is wondering). I have been out of anything 4wd in a few years, and I missed it terribly! Now I just picked this up and I am looking at ideas to make it functional. I have looked over on the other F-150...
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    International expeditions in a USDM rig?

    Who is using their rig for international travel, like own into South or Central America or even across the pond? What do you have and what have you done to ensure international support, or things done to make your rig the most reliable as possible? Post pics if you've got 'em!!
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    OT: Who is building their rig in case of a Doomsday scenario?

    I am not trying to make this a political thread or anything like that, so please keep those comments to yourself. I have been thinking that if for whatever reason I and my family had to leave this country, what kind of rig would I want, what does it need to be capable of? This like that. I know...
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    Starting the all Bronco thread!!! Post'em!

    I just picked up this 89 XLT with the 351 in it the other day. It also already has a 6in lift and new Mickey Thompson Classics and 35in BFG's. The interior needs a little of love and a little less on the exterior. I am looking into making it an expo travel rig for my wife and daughter so we can...
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    Modular Sleeping Bag System

    I will apologize in advance for gloating. I just have to say something. I managed to acquire 2 modular sleeping bag systems in the Army digi camo pattern. They include a lightweight patrol sleeping bag which is not very heavy weight at all and good for down to 32 degrees, then there is the...
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    Expo Suburban/Tahoe thread

    I have been looking at doing either a Suburban or Tahoe as an expo rig. I was hoping that I could see what's out there and get some ideas. Plus I figured that it would help others to see what others are doing with their Suburbans and Tahoes.
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    Anyone using a VW Touareg

    I have one and was curious to see if anyone else was using one. I know its not the usual rig to use, but my Touareg had air suspension with gives a 3in lift and a factory rear locker, so it has that going for it! So far on my Touareg I have stock 255/55/18 Nitto Terra Grapplers. Its also a 4.2...
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    Hit or pass on 95 Tacoma

    I ran across a 95 Tacoma with an extended cab, 3.4 V6, 5spd, bed liner and power everything for a really good price. The only hang up I have is that it has 242K put on it by 1 owner. I know that Toyotas do really well on higher mileage, I had a 94 Camry with 198K, but thats a different beast. I...
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    Anyone have/use a Sequoia

    I have been a snooper on here for months now and after reading people build ups and expeditions I decided to finally sign up. I have to admit some of them make me jealous! I have been set for years on wanting to get an 80. I had a 2000 4Runner a few years back and I am kicking myself for...