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    Happy Skampin'

    After years of lurking here and a few false starts ('77 Toyota Chinook resto, '97 GMC Safari conversion repair and upgrade), I found a 1991 Skamper 60S on craigslist locally for a good price and in good condition. It just so happened I was buying a new '13 Tacoma DCLB about this time and this...
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    GMC Safari AWD conversion van, lifted and camperized

    Check out my CL ad any questions please ask. need to get this sold, open to offers clay
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    Nice 4x4 Toyota Odyssey

    I've seen this around town, looks super clean
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    1977 Toyota Chinook MT

    I'm selling my chinook, Missoula Craigslist ad has details, contact me here, there, whatever works