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    RTT on an M101a2 without welding?

    Should be able to make uprights with 2" square tubing and a rasor disk or jig saw. Uni-strut for rest. Could probably bolt strut to inside bed for uprights if you dont want to use existing stake pockets.
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    M1101 braking issue

    Did you adjust the shoes? Should be an access port on the backing plate. Adjust till they rub then back off a few clicks.
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    Really Big Adventure – M101A2 Build

    Nice pics and good aar. You can turn off the electronic traction control. Any time I leave pavement I turn mine off. The best money I have spent on Tundra mod was the Auburn LSD. Still need to dissable the elctronic trac control to allow the mechanical side to work. Next Tundra will get...
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    NEW XO Trailer Jack from Ark -

    You did a good job on your tongue Scrapdaddy. So where is the place to order these jacks in the US?
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    Scepter Jerry can question

    You dont need the wrench to tighten, you need it to open after they get some pressure build up. I agree with previous statements that you dont want to over tighten. Never had a leak when just hand tight. Viton gaskers are for gas but you can switch to diesel gaskets for cheap if you want...
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    Scepter Jerry can question

    They should not leak. I have a few lightly used ones I could be talked out of.
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    3600 mile, 3-week trip with the trailer

    Hard to beat a flat fender. Cool pics and rig.
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    Camping With 3 Girls: An M416 Build

    Looks good. Why stop short on the fenders? Trailer is a mud and rock throwing machine.
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    Really Big Adventure – M101A2 Build

    You will learn to dislike the surge brakes.... Nice build.
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    My M101A2 Build Photos

    Looks great. I like your style.
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    2019 Tundra

    I dont want them to do anything other than quit cutting small features like oh-**** handles etc. They did add a decent size fuel tank in recent years and I am fine with my trouble free 13mpg. They have pretty much perfected the light duty p/u and should just leave it alone. Quit changing...
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    Expedition trailers, would you buy/build one again?

    I would definitely want to try one out before spending 20K. My suggestion, get a military trailer and just run it as is for a while to see if you like dragging something behind you. If you decide to add a RTT, you could move it towards your new trailer if you decide to go that route. 1.5K...
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    Camp Chef Mountaineer Stove

    Thanks for the info. Will hold off on it.
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    Camp Chef Mountaineer Stove

    Was looking around on Amazon for a Partner 22" stove and saw this. Anyone have one? Comments? I have a 3 burner camp chef stove in my outdoor kitchen at home and have been pleased with...
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    M1101 Advice

    I think the 1994 contract trailers had some issues. Main one being the aluminum draw bar. Some had MWOs. Can google for more info. I can post pics of the MWO tags later. 2004 trailers were all good. Dates etc could be off and might be some stuff in between. Just basing off memory, don't...
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    XV-2 Axle Rating Advice

    Congrats on the new traiiler. Post some pics
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    XV-2 Axle Rating Advice

    Thanks for the compliments. I am going to guess the axles start out at 7K rating based on tube diameter and lug pattern. Down rated for overhang and offset fab stuff. Have not cut one in half so I dont know for sure how thick the tube is. Lots of miles on it. Its a bit different because it...
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    XV-2 Axle Rating Advice

    I would go for the 4.2k. Doesn't take much to get to 3k of gear/materials. Definitely cross the 2.2 axle off. 1k of payload.... I recall reading that tortion axles do not like to be overloaded. I prob would have gone through several 3500 lbs axles on my trailer if I had one.