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  1. crystalclear

    FS: Land Rover Defender HiCap 110 Pickup - $50k, Southern California

    Thought I would keep this for some time, but BAT came around and I need to make room for another project en route. Perfect as a daily driver right now - or use it to fulfill your expo dreams. Not many like it, not many in this condition, and not many in California. Priced at a premium, and if it...
  2. crystalclear

    FS: Dometic CRX65 DC Fridge - SoCal $400

    As title states - perfect working order, lightly used, taken out of my CampX camper came new from factory. Located in Orange County Thank for looking (i can send you pics if necessary but not much to see honestly)
  3. crystalclear

    DIY Lifepo4 dc2dc charger?

    I had some extra lifepo4 batteries lying around so instead of buying a ecoflow/jackery/etc type unit, just used a battery box with some 12v/usb sockets installed into it. Charging from ac I have - but wanted to know if anyone has a diy parts list/schematic to make a simple lifepo4 compatible...
  4. crystalclear

    2020 Land Rover Defender First Edition : 2k miles New Condition - Southern California $88k

    Location: Southern California Price: $88k obo Condition: Absolutely new condition (2k miles) Reason for sale: love defenders (have 3 older models), gave this a try, awesome truck, but not for us Title: clean, first owners obviously, title in hand Details: (will add pics and window sticker...
  5. crystalclear

    FS: 4 x OEM 19inch LR3 Wheels w/ Great Tires

    Where: OC near Spectrum Cost: $500 Tires: Bridgestone Dueler H/L 255/55/19
  6. crystalclear

    SOLD ::: FS: Cooper Discoverer AT3 - 235/85/16 (4) :: $500 (almost new)

    Location: OC, Southern California What: 4 x AT3s with approx 1,500 miles on them (zero anythings...) + 1 BFG AT in near new condition Why: going bigger PM me pics coming
  7. crystalclear

    FS: Your Camper Power Bundle - SoCal

    EVERYTHING listed below for $450 1 x Everstart 24 100ah 1 x Valucraft 34 (690, 860cca) 1 x Superstart Gr49 AGM Platinum 900cca (only a few months old) 1x Renogy 60amp Dc2Dc Charger (worked fine as of a few months ago when i pulled it from use) 1 x 50w (dirty but in perfect shape) 1 x 100watt...
  8. crystalclear

    Redarc Manager 30 with a Victron Smartsolar MPPT tied in question

    hi guys, quick question new camper came with the redarc preinstalled - the 32v max of the mppt is ridiculous so i want to use my victron unit along with the redarc. the victron will be wired in as: positive to batt and negative to the redarc shunt. will i have problems? im guessing the...
  9. crystalclear

    Odyssey 34r pc1500 - SoCal - $150 (new in March)

    Exactly as title states; pick up in OC $150 for a basically brand new battery - used it for approx 3 months as a starting battery and have used an agm specific charger since pulling it out of the truck why selling? went bigger thanks for looking
  10. crystalclear

    Battery voltage question - higher volts at night

    sorry for what is probably a simple question, scenario: when the panel is getting shaded/dusk - the battery reads 12.7 volts (as do the leads from the pv), but once it is night, the batt reads 12.9ish (odyssey agm) am i to understand this as the batt will mirror the voltage being put out by...
  11. crystalclear

    SOLD: For Sale: F250 Custom Rear Bumper - swing out with box/etc

    Location: Southern California (oc) Price: $1100 as is, $1400 if you want it to be cleaned/resprayed, touched up What: F250 rear custom bumper with box, 2 jerry can holders and a front runner table mounted to the tailgate side of the box; extremely stout (boxed) and the fitment is excellent and...
  12. crystalclear

    For Sale: Tires + Tire/wheel combo - 32-33” (Ford excursion) - Southern California

    All for $600 (do not want to part) Set 1: 4 x 305/70/16 Cooper Discoverer AT3 @ 40-60% tread in great shape Set 2: 4 x 265/76/16 Hankook Dynapro AT @ 50-70% or so in great shape on Ford 8 lug wheels Pm me Thanks for looking
  13. crystalclear

    440w vs 380w

    1) 150w + 100w + 190w panels in series vs 2) 190w + 190w panels in series going in to a 40a mppt controller which system will generate more amps at optimal conditions its mostly because i am lazy, and cant seem to figure out how to do simple math, what i understand is this: in system 1...
  14. crystalclear

    Rhino Rack AT1512 Basket

    Location: Southern california Price: $500 Item: Rhino rack at1512 basket Condition: new - i tried mounting it but it is too large for my application, some light scuffs while trying to mount Dimensions: roughly 42/43” x 60”
  15. crystalclear

    Do I need a dc2dc unit?

    Sorry, too lazy to search deeper than i have to find an answer.... my setup: 2 agm batts serviced by a victron mppt, monitored by a victron 712 - powered by 200w of solar do i need a dc2dc charger as well? i live in the sunny part of california. i have a switched dual batt charger than i can...
  16. crystalclear


    2012 Land Rover LR4 HSE - rear locker Color: White ext, Blk interior Title: Rebuilt (carfax avail) Miles: Approx 74k Engine: 5.0 V8 Exterior: Very good Interior: extremely clean Pics: coming soon Price (updated 4/21): $17k as is; 15k without rack/solar/frontrunner drawer system/awning This...
  17. crystalclear

    FS: XL Fridge Slide - located in Southern California

    Make: Keyline Sales Journeyman (an rv specialty company) Size: fit my large 60-64qt engel Orientation: lateral slide (fridge comes out long ways) Price: $250 Location: Tustin, Ca pm or text me at 714 470 zero one 2 two
  18. crystalclear

    LR3/4 Side Steps / Running boards: Free SoCal

    good condition side steps with mounting brackets free location: Orange, CA pm or text at 714-470-zero one 22
  19. crystalclear

    Defender 110 Roof Rack - $500 in SoCal

    ive had this on the truck but its time for it to find a new home, i have no idea on the brand $500 obo location: southern california text me at 714-470-01 two two
  20. crystalclear

    SOLD — 2007 LR3 SE7

    This is the LR3 you are looking for. Clean, ultra-reliable, has all the necessary mods for your next overland adventure. Miles: 157k Color: Metallic Grey Price: 8.5k obo (have receipts for well over 7/8k of parts and labor) Location: Orange County, CA Contact:, text at...