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    Engine light question

    Just picked up a 2000 E-350 7.3l diesel. It has a check engine light. Hooked up the OBDII reader, but it shows no codes. Any idea what could be going on?
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    4x4 Conversion plans

    Has anyone done a do it yourself conversion on a newer (2000+) Chevy van? I have a 2001 Custom Hightop van. It's a great van and we use it for camping and other activities. I would like to convert it to 4x4 to get a little farther off the beaten path. I've taked to a couple companies, but no one...
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    Kenwood DNX6160

    I found a Kenwood DNX6160 sitting on the shelf at the local Salvation Army store. It was marked at $50 and it was a 50% off day. So walked out the door with it for $25. I figured it was worth the gamble. The Kenwood DNX6160 is a double DIN, GPS/DVD/CD Stereo. I got it home and the only cable in...