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    SOLD! Four Wheel Camper Hawk Shell for sale, SoCal.

    well, It was basically headed for the scrap heap when I bought it, very broken after being on a trailer for 20 years worth of Baja trips, the front frame was destroyed, floor pack separated, rear door/wall broken, and just very beat down. these things are selling at premiums that my income...
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    AllTerrain campers other then off white?

    ATC build their campers in white, or they offer a black stripe on the white. interiors are either oak looking paneling, or a kinda off white with a little bit of tan.
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    SOLD! Four Wheel Camper Hawk Shell for sale, SoCal.

    Plenty of room in the cabinet to add a recessed cooktop, easy connection to the propane line. cleaned and installed the propane tank in the propane box.
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    SOLD! Four Wheel Camper Hawk Shell for sale, SoCal.

    sorry, its for a 6.5' bed not a 5.5
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    SOLD! Four Wheel Camper Hawk Shell for sale, SoCal.

    2000-ish four wheel camper hawk. this started as a grandby, had it rebuilt/Shortened/converted to hawk by ATC to fit a 6 1/2 foot bed. NEW floor pack - sized to fit modern full size trucks with 6.5' bed New lift panels New siding New tent/side liner New interior panels New side window New...
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    Found: Adventure van in Oakland

    Bummed Jose. That was a good van. I had a ton of hours and dollars in that one. Violation is a great word to describe it.
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    not today, but friday, i traded my jeep in on a small commuter car (honda fit) i pulled some parts off it before i let it go wheels poison spyder velcro grab...
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    Villageidiots Trailer Build.

    Its for sale, $3500 not sure whats next, but ill think of something.
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    Axle hangers in wrong location. How can i fix?

    Not to nitpick, but your axle is also on upside down. The camber “point” should aim up
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    4x6 trailers--what's your total width?

    I guess yeah, I have about 1.5” between tire and leaf spring bolt, and another .75” - 1” of overhang of fender past the tire. The fenders are my trailers widest point. The wheel width outside of tire to outside of tire is 3/4” narrower per side than my JK
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    4x6 trailers--what's your total width?

    this is my 4x6 trailer. built it earlier this year for dragging my vendor booth to expo and other shows. ill get a width measurement tomorrow. 265/70-17 tires, with 17x8 wheels 4.5"BS, same wheels and tires as my jeep. it will be for sale very very soon (like next week) as i start in on...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    6 months to the day I bought my ‘18 JK 2 door Rolled 12000 miles today on the way home from work
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    Drove a JKU and JLU back to back yesterday...JK is still better.

    i own a 2 door JK, and a buddy at work has a 4 door JK. i took his to the store the other day cuz i rode my motorcycle to work, and his 4 door feels like a truck compared to my 2 door. but, i have 4.10's, he's got 3.73's it was a big difference in feel. way more noticeable than id thought. i...
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    Center bore size for Jeep wheel spacers for an expo trailer?

    Yeah, I hear ya. I got my spacers for $35 shipped to my door. Put em in my lathe, spun em up for runout/wobble, checked the studs for center, and made sure the studs were 12.9 strength. No issues.
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    Center bore size for Jeep wheel spacers for an expo trailer?

    I’d have ordered it 5x5 but it still doesn’t correct the fact that he’d need spacers to get the stock JK wheel on his trailer as the JK wheel wont clear the hub bore. Spacers are in order either way, or machining the wheels (what I’d have done vs spacers) On my trailer I went with spacers just...