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    low/er budget camp stove review

    I have to find a griddle for mine. Until I do, I have been using a HD thick bottom commercial cookie sheet pan. It works great as long as the lid is locked up at a 90° angle, if not, it slides around too much.
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    low/er budget camp stove review

    I find it quite comical that some people feel they just have to say something negative. Even though I clearly said "if you have a lot of food to prepare, water to heat up, coffee/tea to make. Obviously, it does not have to be run wide open. It simmers just fine. The reason kitchen stoves are...
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    Quality Propane Tanks for Overlanding?

    I have been told by a D.E.C. Officer, during a firewood checkpoint, that you can get a ticket in our wonderful state of NY, for not having your propane turned off on your camper while traveling ! Not sure if that is fact or not. Probably something that is rarely enforced - like having...
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    2011 Xterra pulling Turtleback expedition - trail performance

    We traded an awesome 2017 Toyota 4RUNNER TRD OFFROAD with 20k because it sucked for towing our EMPTY 6x12 enclosed utility trailer, in on our ZR2 diesel. Also traded a 08' Dodge Power Wagon w/G-56 in on our ZR2 diesel. It was putting us in the poor house in fuel, repairs & at the time, no dealer...
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    Anderson Connectors for 12v fridge

    You can't go wrong with Anderson plugs. We have 2 ARB fridge freezers & I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND the 18', 10 ga wire & locking plug kit from ARB. We had the 50 qt ARB fridge in a 2017 4RUNNER & it almost caught fire because stock wire was not up to the task & melted. I caught it just in time. We...
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    Camp Chef positive plug

    So, we have a Camp Chef Pro90X 3 burner stove. It was bought new, bought the 3 wheel padded rolling case & 3 burner griddle. It's over 5 years old, I no longer had the receipt. It's been stored inside garage, not exposed to UV light, in padded case, only used 4x, by me. I meticulously take care...
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    2011 Xterra pulling Turtleback expedition - trail performance

    I have never had a Nissan Xterra but I can tell you that torque is King when towing. I can also tell you that towing 3k lbs, the difference between 250 lb ft of torque and 350+ lb ft of torque is night and day. Huge difference. We have towed the same 4k lb camper with a gas Hemi, manual shift...
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    Schutt Industries - Xventure Owners

    I do not own one but I have looked at them in person & crawled in, over & under them checking them out & have watched every video there is on YouTube about them. I have not read or seen ANYTHING negative about them, build quality or towing wise. They are without a doubt the most HD well made...
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    2018 Chevy Colorado ZR2 build and adventures.

    Check into Redark dc to dc chargers. Our alternators are not up to the task of charging 2 batteries. I have had the same HF 2000/4000 watt inverter in 4 of my trucks. I also have ARB fridge/freezers. When camping & using the in bed aux battery to power fridge at night, I can recharge the aux...
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    Schutt Industries - Xventure Owners

    A good tip for water tanks someone gave me 40 yrs ago: Sanitize with regular bleach. Not concentrated, not scented. If after it's sanitized, you don't like the bleach odor. Refill with clean water and add some mouthwash. Let sit overnight. Then drain & refill. It works.
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    Any love for Patriot Campers here?

    I also have heard nothing but good things about them. Congratulations & enjoy !
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    SOLD Schutt XV2 for sale

    GLWS, these are fantastic trailers. I have looked at them in person and they are super heavy duty. If you want HD, this is it.
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    Parasitic drain?- In need of some guidance/help

    Just throwing this out there, not sure if it applies but is way more common than people think,.......Is there a mercury switch anywhere or a switch that is supposed to make a light come on when something is opened ? Under the hood or in a door, door jam or cabinet ? If there is & it's corroded...
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    Unopened ARB Classic 2 Portable Fridge/Free 82QT/72L in Colorado

    That's a GREAT fridge/freezer. We absolutely LOVE ours. GLWS !
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    ARB cords and fridge mods

    Do you mean at home instead of sitting on the carpet or while its in your vehicle too ? That would be pretty hard for me to do in the vehicle. Like most, space is at a premium in the vehicle/s.
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    12v Fridges going "Mainstream?"

    We have 2 ARB classic fridge/freezers. An 82 & a 50 qt. I purchased them about 2014/15. No regrets. They were not cheap but I got 2 transit bags for free plus free shipping plus. 2 free dash monitors. I like the fact that they will still operate at up to a 30* angle when some only operate at up...
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    Flatbed Tray Conversion Pros and Cons

    This is a great write up for anyone thinking of this ! Great job.
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    ARB cords and fridge mods

    Not for nothing but putting a diagram on ARB's website with exact measurements for each size of fridge/freezer, of where the thermistor is located, that we could print out would be great & very helpful for us DIY-ers. We have an 82 & a 50 qt.
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    low/er budget camp stove review

    Thanks for the responses. I'm pushing 60 now, have been out west twice. In temps of up to 114*F in Joshua Tree National Park. We had propane and a large Iso butane cylinder with us. We had no issues. Just be smart and put something over them so they are not in direct sunlight and don't smoke. I...
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    low/er budget camp stove review

    The Coleman Even Temp 3 burner only has 2, 11,500 btu & 1, 5000 btu burners - for a total of 28k btu's. This one has 2, 25 000 & 1, 10,000 btu's, for a total of 60k btu's. Apple's to oranges as far as heat output. I had a Coleman 2 burner. Only had 10k burners. Giving it to my son. If I waited...