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    Johny5's stealth camper van

    I have tons of but finding them will take a while to find . Basicly I cut cross member flush to bottom of frame then plate them back in . I weld 4 stover nuts on the inside of the filler plates . Then I make matting plates that bolt on . Then some tube tying them together
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    Looking for Chevy Astro swivel seat base

    Im hoping to do another run late summer early fall . I moved and am in the middle of building a new shop
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    Looking for Chevy Astro swivel seat base

    Sorry.sold out check with me in a few months
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    2005 Ford F-450 Earthroamer, Salvaged, Mexico, Auction

    Damn , never wanted to go to Meixco and defiantly don't want to go now, Sounds like a bad deal , hope things work out for you , soon
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    Putt Step Van Build

    Sweet van ! thanks for shairing.
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    Express Van Recovery Points

    I have put a strap around the bumper right in the middle , there is a heathy round cross member right behind the bumper , the plastic under the bumper is pretty tough and should bend back. , stock bumper will be tricky to get anything solid to tow from , I built a bumper with a receiver hitch in...
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    2wd van lifts

    Not sure where the dirt cheap vans are in Vancouver , although I'm only looking at 5.3 and 6.0 gm vans because I have a 4x4 conversion kit for them.
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    Securing cabinets to subfloor

    Im just using small angle brakets in a few spots with 3/4 inch screws into the floor and walls. No issue so far after a couple years and a bunch of off road miles.
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    Looking for Chevy Astro swivel seat base

    Im pretty sure the seat back is going to buckel long before the seat base fails. These things are pretty beefy and weigh 32lbs
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    Vantastic CNG power

    Crazy amount of work you have preformed to get this van running . Good on you . Hopfully its something easy. keep plugging away. You should be able to find a good deal of differnt size rubber tube from industreal suppliers like Greenline
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    Chevy Express paint wear - door jambs

    My white paint is bad on the hood and one rear door . The rear door is getting worse daily . I talked to paint shop and they said they would need to take it down to bare metal and re prime& paint to fix it.
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    Bad (or loose) knuckle seal on Quigley 4x4 front diff?

    Mines like that too .I'm not worried about it.
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    Johny5's stealth camper van

    Thanks I might do a run of frame brakets but not anytime soon.
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    Looking for Chevy Astro swivel seat base

    I have a few left from this batch . You will need to grind off the rivits that hold your seat tracks to your seat base then its bolt on to my swivel
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    I hate Van shopping....

    If it was local to me i would buy it . I prefer the sliding door too . You can get into the side door if somone is parked next to you . My van has 450 km and slider works great . Back barn doors stick
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    MPG ?

    Im afraid to know . When Im towing its bad.
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    [Build] Rebuilding a fiberglass high top

    If you want to make a perfect match for the back make a mold on one of the sides with the same profile . Wax a bunch of times the area you will use about 10 times over a day will be good , any mold release wax will work. You can also get release agent that will help a lot too (it's cheap )...
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    Vanessa, the Jersey Girl

    Check the grounds of the back pillars , one of mine got ripped off when pulling out the old interior. Any thoughts about building a wall in the back 30 inches from the doors, to keep the bikes in the very back. Then shelves above the highest part of the bikes for more storage
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    2008 Chevy Express van arm rests

    I did take a seat apart today to look at how the arm rest is mounted . It looks like if your seat doesnt already have the arm rest it wont be easy to add . Welding would be required
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    [Build] Rebuilding a fiberglass high top

    I like. Go ahead and get in there with a grinder and grind the gel coat down to the fiber glass and below the top level of the fiberglass . This will help the resin bond to the fiberglass structure instead of the top of the gel coat. This will make it stronger and you will be able to re gel...