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    Folding van camper furniture

    Very tidy and out of the way when unused
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    Keeping dust out

    Hi folks Since campers need holes in the floor to let the likes of propane out, as well as vents to let fresh air in even when windows etc are all closed up, what have you done to stop dust coming in while driving? I know some companies use a positive pressure inlet vent with a filter on, anyone...
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    Opinions on seating dimensions, or dinette headroom minimiums?

    Hi folks I'm looking at making a U shaped dinette with a central table for our camper and am playing with how much I can squeeze things to maximise storage underneath. I own but don't have hands on the vehicle yet, so probably should wait but.... Does anyone have some guidelines on what...
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    Have you looked into rear facing car seats for your under fours?

    Hi folks I've never looked in this section before, and was admiring some of the photos when it struck me that most car seats in the pics were front facing. Rear facing is something that is catching on more and more here in the UK following a lead from Scandinavia, which I think Volvo seems to...
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    Wiring a large array to minimise the effect of shading?

    Hi folks, Our soon to be arriving camper will be having a roof full of eighteen semi flexy solar panels, paired up to give 24v when the feed enters the camper. Does it make any difference how each string of nine will be wired, so if one panel is shaded it won't knock down that whole half's...
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    Stainless steel shower tray suggestions?

    Hi Maybe the wrong place, and not mainstream, but thought I'd ask anyway Our new camper has a 1200x900mm bathroom which I need to fit out. It will have a "composting" toilet, so no downward pipework for that. There will be a large dog and our two year old boy, both of which...
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    Can you have too much solar?

    Hi folks In the past it seemed that since solar was pretty expensive it was as well doing a best guess calculation on I have this amount of current usage, I want to be parked up for this period of time, therefore I need this many watts of solar. Solar is still not cheap, and semi flexy panels...
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    Fishy smell from a cast iron pan??

    Hiyi Weird question, but how do you get the smell out of a cast iron pan?! I bought a lovely one second hand last year and as my first experience with a pan like this its fab. But, it smells of fish. I'm not a big fan of fish, especially when cooking up a big fried breakfast after the night...
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    Sideways stretched jeep Morocco

    Hopefully not a repeat post :)
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    1957 Bedford film clip

    Inc bath!
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    Very clever design, shown on a Skoda Roomster which is a high roofed Golf sized mini MPV type thing. :)
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    Alaskan drawbacks and thoughts?

    Hi Apologies for what you will I'm sure view as a Newbie question. As I'm based in the UK I don't get to see many pop tops at all, and the usual discussions between makes on this forum are between people who have possibly seen several of the things! And the Alaskan website could be better! I...