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    2005 LR3 W/Extras 13.5k

    FOR SALE: 2005 LR3 SE Location: Austin, Texas, USA 2005 LR3, with significant upgrades. 260k factory rear Locker GAP IID-BT Newly rebuilt Transmission with RevMax custom valvebody, trans cooler added (5k) 16.2mpg highway. 11-13 mpg city. iDrive throttle controller Rhino Hitch, Tactical Rovers...
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    SnoMaster Fridge/Freezer Review

    I've only seen one picture, like he said, it says. It's Annoying..
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    Somedayilllearn's Bear

    TopperezLift my friend?
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    LR3 Alternator Replacement

    Anytime--- after fitted the 1" smaller belt, per recommendation, it disintegrated shortly afterward. It was too tight. Ended up renting a tool at Expo East and getting a buddy to fetch it, and a new belt. Changed it in the dark with the help of some other expo goers. It's been fine ever since...
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    LR3 Alternator Replacement

    Just order it off the ebay, they'll ship it to you--- Top notch... Skip the belt suggestions, fit a new factory stock belt.
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    LR3 Alternator Replacement

    Correction-- and please edit the post--- DO NOT USE THE BELT -- It is too short, it will self destruct... Use the factory belt and it will be fine. I am still loving this alternator--- get it...
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    LR3/Frontrunner article on Exp.Portal - photos missing?

    I'll drop a message to someone there.
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    LR3 owners sound off, which tires?

    I did the same exercise and got information all over the map. I settled and am happy with 42-44 Front, 46 Rear.. Use the tire bulge to gauge how even the load is. Bear in mind the 265x60x18 tires I have are E rated, and I am pulling a 3000lb trailer at times. I wasn't able yet to go with...
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    LR3 owners sound off, which tires?

    Here is a brief update on the Ko2 installed. Now about 10,000 miles on them. They have performed flawlessly in snow, and torrential rains. They definitely has been a game changer with respect to stable traction in severe conditions. I'm very happy with them so far. Running the E rated 265x60x18...
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    LR3 Brake controller install

    I've done this installation. It does not go to sleep, at least when the trailer is connected. Otherwise, the installation was about 15 minutes, and it works great with the Hopkins gear outlined. Thank you for posting the information.
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    Thinking of replacing all rubber in rear suspension on LR3

    Looking good, I've done a similar job once, time to consider doing it again. Why not take a good look at the CV Joints and rear wheel bearings while you are at it. The truck is going to ride like new when you are done.
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    LR3 Alternator Replacement

    great tdhunter13. I liked the alternator so much, I ordered a spare, gave my old spare to a friend. I think it is better to order the one I got, because they also change the pulley with a new one, which is a slightly different size. No belt change necessary.
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    LR3 Alternator Replacement

    I thought my original alternator was OK at 165k, until I actually put a load on it (a battery bank that needed charging). It was serviceable but not up to the task. I ordered an aftermarket one with higher output, very very happy with the results. Good Luck!!
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    LR3 / Discovery 3 Coil Conversion +2" Question

    Dumb question... Would it help to have a couple of air struts to work from?
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    WANTED: Looking for any expedition equipment

    Try Galusha Solar they make a lightweight metal backed flex panel.
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    Goose Gear in need of Local Defender 110 for Measurements

    I just removed the spare-- I don't yet have the goosegear setup. Perhaps they'll add a basic spare tire carrier add on.
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    LR3 thermostat housing assembly replacement

    I've got a used one, the whole assembly with T I took off, with clips. if it helps. If you're in trouble.
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    LR3 / Discovery 3 Coil Conversion +2" Question

    Great, I dropped him a message.... I also might like to have a set, but I plan on sticking to Air Suspension. The problem Brendon is suffering with is severe rear end sag when fully loaded. See picture here...
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    LR3 / Discovery 3 Coil Conversion +2" Question

    I know a guy in Australia that needs a full set.
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    LR3 / Discovery 3 Coil Conversion +2" Question

    Is Toddco still in business? I called and called, trying to get some of his lift spacers, no response or return e-mail.