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  1. al_burpe

    Tundra UTE Flatbed Build Begins

    I like it with the gray truck but maybe in person it doesn't look the same.
  2. al_burpe

    Tundra UTE Flatbed Build Begins

    The white steelies look great. Did you get them that way or did you have to paint them white?
  3. al_burpe

    "E-bike" mopeds more dangerous than motorcycles?

    I got rid of my families second car and bought an e-bike to commute to and from the office. I live in Pennsylvania and even though we don't get a ton of snow riding in winter is interesting. You are correct that pedaling helps keep you warm on the cold days. I normally set it to a lower...
  4. al_burpe

    2007 Yukon XL K1500 low lift with 37"s

    I forgot that on the later Avalanches that they had the same front end as the Suburban. I was thinking that your new rig would be interesting with the old Avalanche front end, but swapping them is probably not near as straight forward as your old Suburban was. Between the two pictures of your...
  5. al_burpe

    2007 Yukon XL K1500 low lift with 37"s

    That front end would definitely look better with an Avalanche swap. Just saying.
  6. al_burpe

    Quest for the Perfect Family Tent

    I ordered this Caddis Rapid 6 tent recently. I haven't gotten a chance to actually camp in it, but I did set it up in the back yard. Just getting the tent itself set up was super easy and quick. The rainfly took some time to figure out but I am sure that will be faster after I do it a few...
  7. al_burpe

    Cool Jeeps You Can't Have - Mahindra of India

    Jscherb, thank you for starting this thread and sharing the information about Mahindra and India in general. It has become one of the threads I look forward to seeing updates on the most. I have not been to India, but I have traveled in Bangladesh and Nepal. Bangladesh seemed to have good mix...
  8. al_burpe

    Jeep Liberty pickup

    I think yours would be awesome with the cab and doors removed. Given your location and climate, I would think keeping the cab would be more comfortable though. How would you weather proof the seats, dash, ect. if you remove the cab?
  9. al_burpe

    Jeep Liberty pickup

    Saw this on a Rav4 forum and it reminded me of your build.
  10. al_burpe

    Jeep Liberty pickup

  11. al_burpe

    2000 Suburban K1500 budget low lift with 37"s

    I am surprised there is no mention of the different front end in the add. Do they just assume most people won't notice?
  12. al_burpe

    Jeep Liberty pickup

    Looks good. It is really starting to match your multicolor Suburban.
  13. al_burpe

    "E-bike" mopeds more dangerous than motorcycles?

    They are bicycles not motorcycles. Of course they can't accelerate as fast as a motorcycle, but neither does a bicycle without electric assist. E-bikes are to be ridden like a bicycle not a motorcycle.
  14. al_burpe

    Quest for the Perfect Family Tent

    I am pretty sure I am going to order one of these pretty soon. Supposedly, it is a step up from the Colman tents.
  15. al_burpe

    Cheap sleep systems

    I am curious what people have had success with for sleeping pads/mattresses that are inexpensive options. All the one's I see reviews on seem very pricey. I know you often pay for what you get, but I am wondering what value products are out there that people have liked. For me, it would be...
  16. al_burpe

    Other fast deploy ground tents besides Oztent and Gazelle?

    I recently came across this tent which the review said was a higher quality alternative to the Colman Instant Cabin. I don't know if anyone but REI carries it.
  17. al_burpe

    Suburban vs Excursion for Family of 8 Maybe this fits the bill and is in your price range.
  18. al_burpe

    Suburban vs Excursion for Family of 8

    This might not be the solution to your problem, but I thought I would at least throw it out there. This is just a random truck I saw in the parking lot of Home Depot, so I have no idea how one goes about acquiring a six door truck.
  19. al_burpe

    Ram Tradesman w/power wagon option VS Gladiator rubicon/mojave (turned into a Power Wagon build thread)

    Kinda hard to get the full effect from a picture on my phone, but I think the wheels look really good and go well with the truck.
  20. al_burpe

    Build - Frontier with ARE DCU topper

    Your mpg seems low. I had a 2007 Frontier and got 15 in the city. On road trips, it would get close to 20. Maybe the high topper really makes a big difference.