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  1. 08whitex

    2010 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited

    A business partner of mine is looking to sell his 2010 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited. He bought it fully loaded with navigation and power everything. He has only owned it for a few months and has decided it is just not for him. It is black with a black hard top. It has 3,366 miles and is just sitting...
  2. 08whitex

    Ballistic Fab Rock Washers

    Allen with Ballistic Fab is now willing to produce Rock Washers. He said he will be able to match the price Fourtreks was selling them for, $3 per washer. He said he will need a good size first order for him to break even after writing the program for the CNC machine. If you want some please...
  3. 08whitex

    Ballistic Fab Diff Cover

    I just finished talking with Allen Godard from Ballistic Fab. He said He will make diff covers for the C200 and the M226. I am going to be sending him my diff cover from my C200. If any one is interested the price is going to be between $100 and $125. They will have the dimensions for the C200...
  4. 08whitex

    Dimple Dies

    I just ordered a set of Dimple Dies from Mosley Machine, Inc. This is a great company and is having a sale on their dimple dies ending today 6/26. here is the link about the company and here is the link about their dimple...
  5. 08whitex

    Free Spot

    It looks like this offer is available again but after a mail in rebate. I dont know all the details. Please move this if it is in the wrong location.
  6. 08whitex

    08 Xterra rear winch bumper build

    I am working on a rear winch bumper for my Xterra. Here is what I have so far. What do you think?
  7. 08whitex

    Check Out my Roof Rack

    Here is the link to my rack in the general modifications:
  8. 08whitex

    Pictures of my new rack!

    Here are some pics of a roof rack that I just finished building for my X. I had it rhino lined. I have about $400 into it. Let me know what you think!