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  1. mspeters

    97 disco 4.0 tick / soft knock

    My trusty 97 D1 has slowly developed a tick or knock over the past 2 years. My ears are trained to Cummins and VW IDI diesels...hard to discern. I could use a well-trained ear to get a reading if this is the common rocker arm wear out or the dreaded slipped liner. It just completed a 800 mile...
  2. mspeters

    M422A1 Mighty Mite diesel build

    4+ years of saturdays to turn a M422A1 no-engine parts rig into a viable desert explorer. It has a aluminum body, independent suspension. Drivetrain is. VW 1.9 AAZ turbo diesel with modern AX15 5 speed, 5:33 gears with dana 27 powerloks, 3:1 transfer case, power steering with Toyota truck...