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  1. otiswesty

    Canadian Forces G270 "G-Wagon" being sold surplus, first I have seen.

    This is from the vehicle in the original post WDB4613311X164060
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    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks

    A463 730 00 00.
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    Door lock shenanigans fix with pix

    My door locks were bouncing and I luckily found this thread. I have a 96 Montero LS that we bought new way back when... Any ways, I thought I would share, I was able to get the case open using a metal spackling tool. I made the new bumpers out of clear rubberized door stops you can buy at Ace...
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    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks A bit off topic now, but the extended rear side door hinge/checks are available online from MB for under $60 each
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    FS: Mercedes 461 Wolf rear seats

    Here is a set of these seats in a Puch Swiss 230GE that has also been cosmetically updated
  6. otiswesty

    FS: Mercedes 461 Wolf rear seats

    A few more pics
  7. otiswesty

    FS: Mercedes 461 Wolf rear seats

    Here is a set of rear seats from a Mercedes German army Wolf. These forward facing seats are designed to fit up against the wheel well, leaving open space in the center. The base also serves as a compartment with a latching cover on the front which is removeable. This compartment is completely...
  8. otiswesty

    G Wagen - rear seat for the Chinese guide

    Maybe just leave the single seat in the back. That's how I have been running it, still a lot of space for gear and the guide dog. This pic may show a couple of options.
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    Help Importing a 280GE into the States from the UK

    I have imported 2 G from Germany using TGAL roll on roll off. Not sure if they service Ireland, but it was a painless process. Cost from Bremerhavn to Long Beach under $1500.
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    Beadlock wheels

    If its a beadlock, you are unlikely to break the bead from running too wide a tire. Buy the tire you want and mount it up.
  11. otiswesty

    Parts and Accessories Sources: G-Class

    i just wanted to add a few vendors. I have bought some parts from Kurth Classics in Germany Also Wolf Teile for 461 parts, but they do not ship overseas A few good eBay vendors not...
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    300GDN Ambulance conversion.

    Back in action!
  13. otiswesty

    W461 G-Professional Single Cab (Softer Suspension upgrade)

    You can look up your spring type in EPC, or we can help you with it if you provide your VIN. Here are the spring charts for length and stiffness
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    1999 G500 Pur edition

    I emailed Schlauer-Shop in Germany and have sent the unit back to them, looks like they will be replacing it for me despite the fact that the purchase date was July 2018. Pretty impressive. I did buy another one from eGuages in Detroit as well, they are no longer in business. I suspect they...
  15. otiswesty

    1999 G500 Pur edition

    I think the biggest advantage is the walk through to the rear when using it as a camper. It makes movement through the vehicle much easier. For the last 2 years, I have just been using the car with the double seat removed
  16. otiswesty

    1999 G500 Pur edition

    My nice Continental radio died on me last month unfortunately. It had been working intermittently for a few months and then finally stopped booting up at all. I really like the aesthetics of this radio, the bluetooth, aux, and USB input are super handy. Plus it is non-CD so the depth is reduced...
  17. otiswesty

    1999 G500 Pur edition

    One of the things I really like about the Pur edition was the wood loading floor and the single rear seats in the back. When I had a family of five plus to haul around, it was not practical to change out the nice 2/3-1/3 seat bench in the rear. Nevertheless, I did make a few half hearted...
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    2005 G500 build by MG Metalworks

    I agree, my 2002 G500 was driven for 60K miles over 4 years and was absolutely the easiest car to maintain and use. I sold it for $2k less than I paid for it after doubling the mileage. My 1999 G500 is awesome as well, eight years of ownership, 90K miles added to the odo, and always good for a...
  19. otiswesty

    Purchased an Expedition G Wagen

    Wow cool BA3 on portals. I think that is my first time seeing this. Is William's camper a 3150 mm frame? Not sure it if was mentioned earlier. I remember when it was for sale last time and dreamed of having it. It is a rock star car now for sure now.
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    Old G-wagon brochures and options information?

    There are lots of other 461 axle options like wide axles, reinforced or bottle axles with or without wheel studs (often called bolt axles). Also larger HD drum brakes. Other interesting 460/461 options include the PTO on the transfer case, the factory front bumper mounted Rotzler winch, solar...