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    20 Rivers to Cross, A Trip Through the Oregon Coastal Mountains

    Yep CB is essential on busy logging roads. There will be a spray painted "CBXX", where xx is the channel number when you turn off the main two lane road onto the forest service road. There should also be spray painted mile markers, put your CB on the channel designated and listen for the...
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    Clarence the 1963 1 ton dodge camper

    Nice looking camper. Not something you can drive at interstate speeds for hours and hours, best for a few hours a day on 2 lane state roads. Fairly simple to work on but not a lot of shops anymore have technicians with experience on older non computer rigs.
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    Jeepster Commando Build - A Different Sort of Jeep Thing - Stoffregen Motorsports

    Very nice looking build. Here's to hoping you keep the stock looking rims and hubcaps.
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    EGR/DPF-to delete or not to delete

    I believe all offroad diesel here in N America now is ULSD due to the fact that all offroad equipment sold now has after treatments on them just like over the road vehicles.
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    custom camper examples

    Have the book and was a regular visitor to Mr Sharkeys website, was very disappointed when it stopped and even more disappointed when the second version quit.
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    2012 Wheeled Coach Ambulance Tall Box off 2012 Duramax Single Cab

    Upfitter for Cab to Axle. Back of cab to center line of rear wheel wells or rear axle. On cab and chassis commercial vehicles 60" or 84" are very common. Also are your frame rails flat from the cab back and 34" outside frame rail to rail?
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    Custom-built Sherpa off-road trailer

    Sherpa makes nice teardrops. I've spent time in Libby MT for work and have toured their facility and remember when they first started.
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    1990 International 6x6 Truck w/ Cummins, Allison automatic, 35ton GVWR

    Looks like a 1990 International interior, modern day military interiors are luxury compared to it.
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    Kenworth 6X6 with BoxManufaktur Habitat & Torsion Free Subframe

    Very nice build. I work for an International dealer and Tulsa Truck does our 4x4 and 6x6 conversions too, they do very nice work.
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    Restored 1976 Warn 8274 winch

    Beautiful job on the winch.
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    1961 Willy's CJ5

    Do it, billiebob and post your trip up.
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    (Yet another) '21 Ram 5500 Build

    I want a camper on it but I also need it to do truck stuff so need a bed too. Probably do the bed first and then a slide in camper. I ordered a Curt class V hitch for it last night. Next is floor mats and seat covers. Going to fuel it up this weekend and take it across the CAT scales at the...
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    (Yet another) '21 Ram 5500 Build

    Got up early Tuesday morning and started the process to wake the wife and daughter. Went and ate breakfast and then went outside and aired my rear tires down from 95 psi to 70 psi because that will help with the ride.🤣 Got to the High Desert Museum just south of Bend at 9 when they opened and...
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    (Another) 2021 Ram 5500 Build Thread

    You need to drive it more. I bought mine Monday evening at 530 with 25 miles on it, got home last night at 1030 and it's got 530 miles on it now.
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    (Yet another) '21 Ram 5500 Build

    I spent Sunday looking off and on for trucks online. Decided I wanted a class 4/5 truck with a 84" CA. I'm a mobile mechanic for an International dealer in Spokane and have worked for a telecom construction company as a shop foreman so had a pretty good idea of what I wanted in a truck. My...
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    (Yet another) '21 Ram 5500 Build

    I was heading down to Humboldt County CA to pickup my daughter from my mom's where I had let her stay for three weeks because I had gone down over the July 4th weekend with her. My wife and I left Thursday evening to head down, my youngest son and family was an hour or so a head of us while my...
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    (Another) 2021 Ram 5500 Build Thread

    I'd like to know too as I just picked up a '21 5500 an hour ago to replace my '01 2500 Cummins/6 speed which got totaled Thursday at midnight due to a deer strike, only 140k miles on it.😢
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    7.3 TD 6sp man. Class C Motor home in CO.

    Wow, a nicely done swap. I'm surprised he's not asking $125k the way prices are now.